Kingdom of Chapulines

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Kingdom of Chapulines
Rieno de Chapulines
Kingdom of Chapulines
Top: Kingdom of Chapulines
Bottom: First Mexican Empire Co-official flags
Coat of arms
Motto: "Hoc exemplum adservans titulum"
"This motto is an example"
Anthem: Veni Creator Spiritus"

Territories of Example
Territories of Example
LocationUnited States, Mexico
Official languagesNone at federal level
Recognised national languagesSpanish, English
Ethnic groups
  • Afro-Oaxacan
  • Indigenous
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Manuel 1st
• Crown Monarch
• Prime Minister
Manuel 1st
from Mexico
• First Republic
• Monarch
June 2020
CurrencyMexican Pesos
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Preceded by
Republic of Minecraft
[[Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca"]]

Kingdom of Chapulines, more commonly known as Chapulines, is a micronation in United States of America and United Mexican States

Founded Chapulines on June 2020 by King Manuel 1st In the United States of America

Empire of Aeternia is the steping point that Kingdom of Chapulines what as revive from Republic of Minecraft


(or, where appropriate, Name)

Kingdom of Chapulines name comes from a type of Grasshopper (Chapulin) in the state of Oaxaca Mexico which is famous.


Politics and government

King Manuel I as an Angrybird.
Front view
Back view

Law and order

Foreign relations

Nation that are Recognized/Partally by Chapulines:
Flag Name Date Recognized Note
Republic of Molossia 2014 Yes As Republic of Minecraft
Principality of Sealand
Akhzivland 2016 or 2017 Yes As Stateless
Free Republic of Liberland 2017 Yes
First Mexican Empire 2020 Yes As Kingdom of Chapulines

House of Iturbide[1]

Empire of Aeternia 2021 Yes As Kingdom of Chapulines
Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia
Grand Duchy of Westarctica
Kingdom of Zaachila As Kingdom of Chapulines

If Descendants of King Cosijoeza of Zaachila are still presents

Empire of Stomaria 2022 partially As Kingdom of Chapulines
Purépecha Empire 2023 Yes As Kingdom of Chapulines


No Military as a moment.

Geography and climate


There is no Economy

Culture and media

On 17 December 2021, King Manuel 1st changed one of his Youtube accounts [2] to a micronation account.

Green Chapulín Version (Sphenarium purpurascens).


Chapulín Offical Version.
5th Founding day of Aeternia

Chapulin Countryball has been use for a video to wish Empire of Aeternia on 5th founding day.


Flag of Chaulines use the ratio 473 : 288


2021 – Present

Lapis Lazuli Coral Bud Green Blue-Violet (Crayola) Popstar
HEX #2D73AA #F8894E #7CB453 #735CB9 C64466
RGB 45-115-170 248-137-78 124-180-83 115-92-185 198-68-102

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