Micronational reactions to the 2020 George Floyd protests

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This is a list of the following micronations and micronationalists' public response to the killing of George Floyd on 25 May 2020[1] and the subsequent protests across the United States.[2]


The Democratic Christian Republic of (Class) 11B

General Secretary of the Republic, Matthew Tonna, has condemned the looters stealing belongings from houses and shops. In addition, the micronation endorsed President Donald Trump’s designation of Antifa and BLM as a terrorist movement. An emergency order was signed by the General Secretary, outlawing Antifa operations in the D.C.R.


President of Aenderia William Efton issued a statement on 28 May 2020 calling for the immediate arrest of the four officers, as well on the other hand condemning the looting.

We send our condolences to the family of George Floyd and believe his death must be considered a murder. The four officers involved must immediately be jailed, and police officers should not be tear-gassing and attacking peaceful protestors. There is sufficient evidence that shows this was overwhelmingly not an accident, and the death could have easily been prevented.

On the other hand, those who exploit George Floyd's death to simply burn and loot businesses for free merchandise should seriously reconsider. It is disgraceful and shows that these people simply don't care - and are just going to take advantage of this tragic situation.

We hope that in the coming days the situation will improve and that hopefully, police and protestors will be able to come to a fair agreement on what is right and what has to be done.

— William Efton


The Republic of Ashukovo announced that they “strongly condemn the ongoing looting and burning in Minnesota. It will not fix any kind of issue, including police brutality, but it will certainly cause further divide in the country“.[3] In addition, the micronation endorsed President Donald Trump’s recognition of Antifa as a terrorist movement. An executive order was subsequently signed by Stadtholder Edward I outlawing Antifa operations in Ashukovo.[4]


Emperor Jonathan I and Lord John Gordon, the respective Monarch and Prime Minister of the Empire of Austenasia, issued a joint statement on 14 June 2020 in support of those peacefully campaigning for racial justice:

There is only one race, the human race, of which each and every one of us is a member of equal value and worth. Austenasia rejects all efforts to foster division, hatred and discrimination on the basis of skin colour, and condemns all forms of racism in the strongest possible terms. Austenasia stands with those campaigning for racial justice and equality, and condemns those who would taint this movement with violence, or who aim to infiltrate or appropriate it for different political goals. The world has come a long way in the pursuit of racial justice since the evil that was the trans-Atlantic slave trade was abolished. However, despite the progress in the laws of nations, racism still exists, and there is much that still must be done in regards to removing prejudice and hatred from the hearts and minds of people across the world. We must all aim to do our part in the ongoing struggle towards true equality, however small that individual part may be.


President Ben Olson spoke in support of the protesters and condemned police brutality and racial injustice in the United States, calling for the officer who killed George Floyd to be charged with a higher degree of murder.

Fishing Trail

Prime Minister Ewing of Fishing Trail said "The United States needs to do something. They have done nothing to help with the injustice in the country. I ask all protesters to stay safe and don't stop fighting for what is right."


Karnia-Ruthenian Emperor-King Oscar I, published a quote on the subject condemning the violence, without mentioning Floyd’s death.[3]


In a statement released by the Auroris Times on the State of Malinovia YouTube channel, President Addison Dillon condemned the actions of the protesters and the United States government, stating:

On 25 May 2020, Officer Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department unlawfully and inexplicably killed Mr. George Floyd, an unprovoked, dastardly attack on a defenseless man who was not resisting arrest. A few months ago, a black man accidentally shot a 32-year-old white male and was given 15 years in prison. Officer Chauvin, while arrested, was given paid administrative leave. Racism or other acts of hate against African-Americans, Hispanics, or Latinos are simply unacceptable; and the United States government should do better to control the violent protesters than to send the military. The United States Constitution grants citizens the right to free speech, press, and peaceful public assembly; not the right to loot and burn down businesses.


On Twitter, the micronation encouraged those in major US cities “to stay safe”. In addition Misberia denounced the “unneeded death and destruction” that – in their point of view – are currently happening.[3]


The Union of Nova-Occitania has published the following statement : “Racism, hate and abuses by the police are intolerable, in the United States as elsewhere. In a climate of injustice, it is important for the people to resist from oppression. Let’s work together for a just society“. This position can be seen as a de facto support for the demonstrators, even in some violence sequences. In its statement, Occitania has often invoked the “resistance to oppression”, a concept established in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789.[3]

Sabia and Verona

The government of Sabia and Verona issued a statement on Twitter on 31 May 2020, that read: "We are watching the events in the United States with deep concern. In line Sabia and Verona's constitutional values, we condemn the racist acts of US security forces and urge the world to uplift black voices in their fight against systemic racism."[5] The statement was followed up with a plea to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, as well as other bail funds across the United States, adding that "This is not our struggle, but in the face of injustice, it is our moral duty to take action regardless."[6]

Templar Kingdom

The Templar Kingdom announced that they “strongly condemn the ongoing looting and burning in the United States. The destruction of statues and paintings of graffiti on the streets and walls. It will not fix any kind of issue, including police brutality, but it will certainly cause a further divide in the country“. In addition, the kingdom endorsed President Donald Trump’s designation of Antifa and BLM as terrorist movements. The prince signed a law, outlawing Antifa and BLM operations in the Templar Kingdom, Templar citizens joining BLM or Antifa will have their citizenship revoked.


On 13 June 2020 the Senate of the Empire of Pavlov passed an Act declaring the movement Black Lives Matter a terrorist organisation, accusing the movement of promoting racism and being involved in vandalism, looting, and violence. According to the provisions of the Act, Pavlovian citizens joining BLM will have their subjects revoked latae sententiae.[7]

Republic of Uniland

Due to the violent protests perpetrated by the "Black Lives Matter" movement, the Government of Uniland has classified the movement as a terrorist organization. Membership and/or association with the group is considered as a criminal offence and can be punishable by the deportation of hard labor depending on the severity of the offence.

Kingdom of Hilltop

Max I is anti-racist but the government has denounced the violence of the protests and association with them is a criminal offence.

Federal Republic of Eurastoria

The government of the Federal Republic of Eurastoria issued a statement on 5 April 2021, that read: "We are watching the case in the United States with deep concern. The President, Aidyn Bratt said in a speech "See, this is the kind of violence that erupts in the United States, The violence against African-Americans is going insane and racism needs to end."

The Confederation of Malus

President Luci of the Confederation of Malus stand firmly with the BLM movement as well as any and all Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist movements. During an unreleased interview for MNMO, he stated the following:

Too much attention is directed at the effect and not the cause. What I mean by that is, every media station loves to focus on the negative reactions from people that are angry. It makes sense. As they say, sex sells and in this case sex is violence. But nobody wants to focus on why it got to that point. Riots would not happen if police were held accountable. Riots would not happen if police were not overfunded and overmiliterized. Riots would not happen if the previous president took appropriate actions and riots will not happen if the current one does more than simply condemn. The Black Lives Matter movement is a great thing and the fact that it takes a movement of millions to get a crumb of accountability is enraging to me.

If you are not a black American, you have no right to tell them how to feel. The fact that so many people are terrified of the police in that country is a clear indication that there is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed. The Trump administration has done nothing and so far neither has the Biden administration.

About the violence occurring at these protests - first of all, the vast majority of them are peaceful until the police show up - but anyway about the violence, to be honest, I don't care. I don't care if a few windows get busted in and if a few cop cars get set on fire. It's f-----g stupid to me that - sorry for swearing - it's stupid to me that people think I should give a s--t about that when people are being murdered by those meant to protect them.

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