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The Unilandian Government is currently ruled under a Democratic regime where the president is elected by the people to serve a 10 year term in office. The Current President is Jack Porter. Every 10 years there is an election for a new president, the voters may choose one of the two candidates from the party. The sitting president can be re-elected to serve another 10 year term if it is desired by the people.There are no term limits in Uniland. The Unilandian Parliament is the legislative branch of the Unilandian Government. The Parliament is made up of the leader and members of the USDP Party. When a new law or amendment is proposed it has to be passed in parliament by the party with a majority vote before it can be put in to effect. However if given emergency powers the President can make the decisions by his or her self it also abolishes elections until the act is lifted.

The government ministries are run by the ruling party. The Vice President is appointed by the president upon election.

If Parliament sees that the Republic is in danger they can vote to give the president emergency power so they can make all the decisions by them self. This is known as the Full Power act.

There are no term limits in The Republic of Uniland

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