Micronational reactions to the Chinese Uyghur internment

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This is a list of the following micronations / micronationalists' public reactions to the ongoing internment of Uighurs by the People's Republic of China.


Support for the Chinese government

  • (None thus far)

Opposition to the Chinese government

  •  Gradonia- The Kingdom of Gradonia, per a decision in the Konlichstag, formally condemned the PRC's mistreatment of Uighurs on its Twitter.[1]
  • William I of Gradonia - The king of Gradonia expressed his personal opposition to the treatment of the Uighurs in his opening speech at the Konlichstad: "This kind of thing has happened before, Russia, Germany, the United States, Turkey, and others. We couldn't stand against those camps because we weren't born. But we can speak up against it now, and hope our voices are heard better than our predecessors'."
  • Flag of Sacree Republic.svg Sacrée
  • Suverska
  •  Cycoldia - The Grand Republic of Cycoldia is in opposition to the Uyghur re-education camps.
  •  Georgienstine
  •  Baránok
  • Flag(36).png Second American Empire


  1. The Kingdom of Gradonia, official twitter.