Micronational reactions to the 2019 Hong Kong protests

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This is a list of the following micronations / micronationalists' public reactions to the 2019 Hong Kong extradition protests, expressing support to the protesters or the Government of Hong Kong.


Support for the Government of Hong Kong

  • Flag of the Socialist State of Paloma (fixed).svg Socialist State of Paloma - The State sees the People's Republic of China as the legitimate force of Hong Kong and Macau. The president of Sacrée calls this uprising a "daring attempt at a miny coup" which he says is because the Chinese government will just repeat the Tiananmen square massacre but possibly on a larger scale.

Support for the protesters

  • Cycoldia - The Grand Republic of Cycoldia states that Hong Kong should be given to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well the Grand Republic of Cycoldia recognises Taiwan (Republic of China) as the legitimate government of China, and the PRC as a pretender government.
  • Commonwealth of Essexia - Essexia supports the Hong Kong protesters against the rule of China. This is as the position of the Emperor, along with opposition parties, is to fully support their fight for democracy whether that future is in China or not. However, the official party position of the ruling party in Essexia is neutrality on macronational events
  • Founder Swena, but not on behalf of Theodia. Support has taken the form of numerous small comments on social media.
  • Caudonia supports the Hong Kong protesters against the rule of China.
  • United Royal Republics of Jockromasa - The Royal Republics of Jockromasa fully support the Hong-Kong protests and even believes that Hong-Kong should be a free nation.
  • Prime Minister Ewing of Fishing Trail "Let Hong Kong be."
  • Suverska - Suverska established their support for the protestors.
  • Georgienstine Raphaël Olivier I, President of Georgienstine announced his support for the protesters but he urged them not to use violent tactics.
  • UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg The Templar Kingdom fully supports Hong Kong's right for self-determination. This was promised under the return of Hong Kong by the UK to china. Anything less is treason.


  • Leon Montan believes that the extradition bill was justified as it ends murderers being able to go free due to a legal loophole, but Hong Kong should be more autonomous, if not independent.

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