List of micronational calendars

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This is a list of micronational calendars.


Calendar Micronation Type Current calendar year Comments
Annus Novus Decimal Calendar Empire of Atlantium Solar 10542 NE Divides the year into 10 months
Asgardian calendar Flag of Asgardia.jpg Asgardia Solar 6 13 month calendar
Atomic calendar Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Solar 76 AE Counts the years since the Trinity nuclear test on 16 July 1945 (1 Trinity 0).
Bartonian calendar Bartonian Flag.jpeg Bartonia ? 2 Every 6 months is a new year, counting since silvester 2019/20
Baustralian regnal calendar  Baustralia Regnal John 1 – 6 John 1 Regnal year of the Baustralian monarch. New year starts on the anniversary of accession.
Calendar of the 4 planet-nations Different (4 nations) 1996
Cesidian calendar Solar Calendar of the Cesidian Church.
Coligny Calendar Flag of Holcetaea.png Holcetaea

Jailavera flag 2020.png Republic of Jailavera (only for months with celebrations)

Lunisolar 2510 Reconstruction of a real historical calendar
Edenian calendar Edenian flag.png Edenia AQ 7th, 1E1
Holocene Calendar Florensia New Flag.jpg Florensia

Jailavera flag 2020.png Republic of Jailavera

Solar 12021 HE AD plus 10000 years
Jack Allahbarist Calendar Kapreburg Solar 440 Counting the years since the birth of Jack Allahbar
Lemurian Calendar Sphinxflag3.png Lemuria Solar 2346 AL
Lyteran calendar Kingdom of Lytera Solar 2529 AAC Has 14 months in a year, named after Greek gods/goddesses.
Songo Calendar Confederation of the Northern Coast Lunisolar 529 Has 4 months, based around the solstices and equinoxes
Molossian Calendar Republic of Molossia Solar XLIII Counts the years since the founding of Molossia in 1977 (Year I).
Neo-Romanian Calendar Flag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynian Despotate Solar 102/CII A.G.U. Has the exact same structure as the Gregorian Calendar, with the exception that it counts the years since the Great Union Day (Year 0 A.G.U.). As a result, December is the first month of the year.
New Athenian Lunisolar Calendar Flag v2.png Free Nation of New Athens Lunisolar 2025 N.A.D.
Phoklandian Calendar (PhoYear) Phokland Solar 2002
Prsänëan Calendar Grand Duchy of Prsänëa Solar 119 AA
Royal Amestrian Calendar Bandera del REINO ILUMINADO DE AMESTRIS.jpg Amestris Lunisolar 4 (V.L.) Perpetual Calendar: One year is equal to 13 months of 28 days plus an extra day or two in a leap year.
Sancta Calendar State of Sandus Solar MMXIX 8 day week, years begin on 1 March
Templar Calendar UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg Templar Kingdom Lunisolar 903 TY The month starts with the full moon. Month don't have to correspond to a solar year and can overlap.

The new year however always starts with semana santa, a one week national holiday

Theodian calendars Technocratic Republic of Theodia Various AE+154 Currently using the Universal Calendar, where a year is 144 days
Week Calendar New Eiffel /

Bartonian Flag.jpeg Bartonia

? 250 Counted in weeks. Every one week the year changes. Counting weekly since 23 May 2015.
Urielandish calendar Empire of Urielandia Solar 12 Divides the year into 13 months
Vyomanian calendar Flag of Vyomania.jpgEmpire of Vyomania Solar 2521 Divides the year into 14 months, each of 27 days except the last month with 14 days.
Xarulish calendar Different nations ? 1000 Year 2020 is year 1000 in this calendar.