Edenian calendar

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The current date is
AQ 7th, 1E1

The Edenian calendar is the calendar currently used and legally in force in the Imperial Union of Edenia. It differs significantly from conventional calendars, such as the Gregorian calendar insofar as it divides a year into four "quadrants" of fifteen twenty-four hour days rather than twelve months of a variable number of twenty-four hour days.

Additionally, on the Edenian calendar there is a unit of time called an era, shorthand for a period of four Edenian years.

Dates are written in the form XQ/DD/YEY, where X stands for which quadrant of the year it is, DD stands for which of the fifteen days of that quadrant it is, the first Y stands for which year of the era it is, and the second Y stands for which era it is.

The Edenian calendar begins on the date of its establishment, the Gregorian 18 December 2017, coded as AQ 1st, 1E1. Dates that occur before it are coded as "Hour 0 - [x]", where "x" is the number of days prior to the calendar's establishment.