Regnal years of Baustralian monarchs

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The Regnal years of Baustralian monarchs is a calendar system modelled off of the British system. It is used in commissions, military documents, and bills and acts. The regnal calendar ("nth year of the reign of King X", etc.) is used in many official Baustralian government and legal documents of historical interest, notably parliamentary statutes.

It is also used in the realms of the Baustralian Empire, however does not adapt to the formation of the Colony. For example, legislation passed in Princetin in January 2021 will use 4 John 1, not 1 John 1.

In the case of unions of crowns, the precedence set through the Union with Quebec Act (3 John 1 c. 9) states that the calendar will use the regnal number in Baustralia, such that if Baustralia were to union with a realm with a king named John III, after known as John II and III, and the latter takes the throne of Baustralia, they will use 1 John 2, not 1 John 3, or 1 John 2&3.


Monarch No. of years First regnal year Regnal year start date Regnal year end date End of final year British equivalent
House of Caravaggio John (ongoing; 2023 = 6 John 1 – 7 John 1) 2017 20 June 19 June

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