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A famous painting of Jack.
Graffiti etched by an unknown Jack Allahbarist, located in Oak Forest.

Allahbarism, more commonly, Jack Allahbar is a religion founded by Jack Morris on 16 March 2019. It was the official lawful religion of the Empire of Kapreburg.

Jack Allahbaristic Islamism
Founder Jack Morris
Founded 16 March 2019
God Allah
Headquarters Morris Mosque, Charriot'sVille
Territory Charriot'sVille
Language Arabic
Members 2
Clerks 1


Jack Allahbarism is the belief that Jack Allahbar is the almighty leader, and that his servants, named Apostoles are his followers. The texts of Jack Allahbarism are named the Morris Manifesto.


The only known prophet of Militant Morris is Jack Morris, as described in the Morris Manifesto.


The three disciples of Militant Morris who follow the prophet are as listed, by described in the Morris Manifesto.

  • Alec Morris
  • Moe Morris
  • Caleb Morris

Views of Jack Allahbarism in other countries

Micronation Category Legality
Kazacki Socialist Republic.svg Kazacki SR
Religion Legal
 Kapreburg Religion Legal
 Ikonia Religion Legal
Mursia.svg Mursia Religion Legal
Razerkaikstania-flag.svg Razerkaikstania Religion Illegal (Currently)
Flag The Republic of Macéyon.jpg Maceyon Religion Legal
Flag of the Sultanate of Qardasha.svg Qardasha Blasphemy Illegal


The Great Rubik's Nations Cup Miracle

On 13 July 2019, during the Rubik's Nations Cup in Melbourne, Australia, an unknown, brave Jack Allahbarist shouted "Jack Allahbar" (‡Jack Allahbarism is outlawed in Australia). You can still view the clip here at the time stamp 8:16.[1]

Jack Allahbarist prayers

This is a list of famous prayers in the Jack Allahbarist religion.

Hail Jack (حائل جاك)


Hail Jack! Hail Militant Morris!

Jack Allah bar will live for ever!

We will live, with our strength granted by Jack!

Pray for our lives! Pray after death! Pray into heaven!

Meet Jackallahbar!

Hapiskillya hapa kala donut!


حائل جاك! حائل النشطاء موريس!

شريط جاك الله سوف يعيش إلى الأبد!

سوف نعيش ، مع قوتنا الممنوحة من قبل جاك!

نصلي من أجل حياتنا! نصلي بعد الموت! نصلي في الجنة!

تلبية Jackallahbar!

Hapiskillya hapa kala دونات!

Jack Lead Us (جاك يقودنا)


Jack shall lead us, Jack shall help us.

Jack shall lead us past the infidels!

Morris will crush the infidels, he will help us in our way.

He helps us praise him, he helps us always win.

Jack Allahbar leads us.


سوف جاك يقودنا ، يجب جاك مساعدتنا.

سوف جاك يقودنا الماضي الكفار!

سوف موريس سحق الكفار ، وقال انه سوف يساعدنا في طريقنا.

إنه يساعدنا في الثناء عليه ، ويساعدنا دائمًا على الفوز

جاك اللهبار يقودنا.

Jack aid me in my life (جاك ساعدني في حياتي)


Morris, in my life I need help, I need aid.

I am leveling with infidels, I need assistance.

I will give you thanks of eternity.

Morris, please aid me in my battle.

Paskillya, hapa kala donut.


موريس ، في حياتي أحتاج إلى مساعدة ، أحتاج إلى مساعدة.

أنا أتعامل مع الكفار ، أحتاج إلى مساعدة.

سأقدم لك الشكر للأبدية.

موريس ، الرجاء مساعدتي في معركتي.

Paskillya ، hapa kala دونات.


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