Militant Morris

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Militant Morris
موريس مسلحة
A painting of Morris by the Apostle
Jack Ryan Morris
(جاك ريان موريس)

30 February 1528
Palos Heights, Illinois Flag of Illinois.svg
Other names
  • Jack Allahbar
  • The God of Jack (by disciple) Alec Morris
Years active1546-present
Notable work
The Morris Manifesto
Jack Allahbarism logo.svg

Militant Morris (born February 30, 1528), is the alias of Jack Morris and God of the Jack Allahbarist and Apostolic Allahbarist religions.


Morris originally came up with the Militant Morris alias when the Occupied Kapreburg invasion happened, and later would create Jack Allahbar and Levant, a tongue-in-cheek Salafi jihadism terrorist group. This would later turn into a religion, ending up with it being the official religion of Kapreburg.