Revalian Public Broadcasting

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Revalian Public Broadcasting
TypeBroadcast Television and Radio online
Founded19 September 2020
by Sander I
TV stationsRevalian Television, Revalian Television 2
TV transmittersYoutube
Radio stationsRevalian Radio 1, Revalian Radio Classic
Radio transmittersYoutube
OwnerRevalian Government
Official website

Revalian Public Broadcasting (Estonian: Revala Rahvusringhääling), or RPB for short, is a Revalian state-owned Television and Radio broadcasting. It was founded on 19 September 2020.

TV Stations

There are 2 TV stations at the moment: Revalian Television 1 (RTV 1) and Revalian Television 2 (RTV 2).

RTV 1 is a channel for official news, government announcements and other informative programmes. RTV 2 on the other hand is meant for entertainment and cultural programmes, such as Microvision.

Revalian Television 1

Revalian Television 1 (RTV 1) is the first television channel of the RPB. RTV 1 broadcasts official news and government announcements.

Revalian Television 2

Revalian Television 2 (RTV 2) is the second television channel of the RPB. RTV 2 broadcasts educational, entertainment and cultural programmes.

Broadcasted shows:

Radio Stations

There are 2 radio stations as well; Revalian Radio 1 (RR 1) and Revalian Radio Classic (RRC).

RR 1 focuses on news, culture, entertainment and daily life in Revalia, while RRC is a specific station for classical music.

Revalian Times

The RPB also owns an online newspaper, the Revalian Times.

Logo of the Revalian Times.