Pavlovian Union

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Pavlovian Union

Flag of Pavlov.jpg

Official language(s)None official,
de facto: English
GovernmentSupranational union
- PresidentHH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy I
LegislaturePavlovian Council
- Type - Unicameral
Established10 June 2019

The Pavlovian Union, also known as the Union, was founded in June 2019 as an intergovernmental organisation between two micronationals having a shared history in the Tsardom of Pavlov.


The Pavlovian Union was founded to officialize the disestablishment of the Tsardom of Pavlov, amongst its members are there former states of Pavlov.

  • Single citizenship (not replacing national, but an additional)
  • Single monetary policy
  • Single foreign policy
  • Protection of Pavlovian cultural heritage