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—  Vəlāyat of the NKUFCP  —

Coat of arms
Country NKUFCP
Founded 22 November 2014
Founder Hasan Çakar
Capital Imiyelgrad
 - Vali Emiel Hardy
Population (16 August 2017)
 - Total 1
Demonym Zhuyskovian

Zhuyskov, sometimes known as Žuyskov, is a vəlāyat of the Nedlando-Khorașanese Union of Former Colonial Possessions, and a former colony of the Empire of Pavlov. It has a Balkanic culture, mostly based on the Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosniak cultures. It claims two islets, Katič and Sveta Neđelja, off the coast of Montenegro.


Katič and Sveta Neđelja are two islets in the Adriatic Sea, in Montenegrin municipality of Budva. It is located opposite the town of Petrovac. Sveta Neđelja has a small church of the same name built upon it. They both are popular destinations for diving enthusiasts.