Erik I, King of Hanover

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Arms of His Majesty the King
King of Dor-Amarth
Reign 14 April 1985 – present
Inauguration 31 October 2014
Predecessor Melvin I
Heir apparent HRH The Prince of Korio
Spouse Queen Cherie of Dor-Amarth (2000–present)
Prince Edward of Dor-Amarth
Full name
Harold Erik fitzHarold DeWhyte
House Dor-Amarth royal house|House of DeWhyte]]
House of Ozenne
Father Harold Clarence FitzLewis DeWhyte, Viscount White
Mother Nina Jean Ozenne, Baroness of Ninerocks

Erik I was born in Seattle and is the eldest child of Nina, Viscountess White and Harold Clarence FitzLewis DeWhyte, Viscount White. He held the title Baron of Sarthe by courtesy from 28 February 1967 until 14 April 1985 when he became Duke of Ozenne.

He went to public primary and secondary schools, and studied historical archaeology and art history at the University of Washington. He married Queen Cherie in 2000 and they have two sons: Gavin, Prince of Hanover (born 1988 to HM the Queen by her first husband), Prince Edward of Hanover (born 1999 - adopted 2002).

Erik is interested in sports, horticulture, heraldry and genealogy and international hunger and water management issues.

Early life and education

Harold Erik FitzHarold DeWhyte 28 February 1967 at Ballard General Hospital in Seattle, Washington. He was the first child of Nina, Vicountess White and Harold Clarence FitzLewis DeWhyte, Viscount White of the House of the Dragon and the first grandchild of H.H Melvin I, 16th Duke of Ozenne.

From birth, Erik held the title Baron of Sarthe of the House of the Dragon.

Erik attended Bitburg Elementary School in Bitburg, Rhienland-Pfalz, Germany. He went to Shorewood High School. in Shoreline, Washington graduating in 1985. After high school Erik studied anthropology at Shoreline Community College and Archaeology at the University of Washington where he graduated in 1996 with honors.

Military training and career

Erik I in the Uniform of the Household Cavalry in 2013

In 2010, Erik passed out of the Royal Military Academy of the Kingdom of Victoria and was appointed as Captain of the Household Cavalry. In 2011, Her Majesty Queen Victoria II, promoted Erik to the rank of Field Marshal with command over all land forces in the Kingdom of Victoria.

In 2011, Erik enrolled in the Molossian Naval Academy at Spyglass Hill completing the course and being awarded the rank of Admiral in the Molossian Navy.

In 2013, with the accession of Queen Alexandra I, the last Sovereign of the Glennish Kingdom of Hanover and Sconeland, Erik was made a Commander in the Glennish Navy and appointed Colonel-in-Chief of King James' Own Regiment of Foot in the Glennish Army. Also in 2013, HRH Prince Maximillian von Lichtenberg Sovereign Prince of the Principality of Lichtenberg, appointed Erik to the Rank of Colonel in the Lichtenberg Army and made him an Aide-de-Camp to the Prince.


On 14 April 1985, ascended the the throne of the House of the Dragon as the 17th Duke of Ozenne. From 1 March 2014 until 22 January 2016, he would hold the Throne of Hanover, abdicating in favor of James I of Scone and becoming King of Dor-Amarth and the Dragon.

As King, Erik has weekly meetings with the Lord Chancellor and Prime Minister and speaks regularly with Ministers and State Secretaries. He also signs all new Acts of Parliament and Royal Decrees. He represents the Kingdom at home and abroad. At the State Opening of Parliament, he delivers the Speech for the Throne, which announces the plans of the government for the parliamentary year. The Constitution requires that the King appoint, dismiss and swear in all government ministers and state secretaries.

Leisure activities

Erik I in Jagerschaft Dress Order 2021

He is an avid sportsman, participating in Scuba Diving, Polo, Alpine Hiking, Jousting and German Longsword Fencing. His Majesty is also an avid horticulturalist, raising a wide variety of flowers and vegetables along with numerous species of orchids and tropical succulents. In 2014, His Majesty took up beekeeping and installed top bar beehives on in the kitchen garden at St. Georges Palace.

Marriage and children

On 18 March 2000, he married Queen Cherie of Dor-Amarth in Seattle, Washington.

The couple has two sons:

  • His Highness the Prince of Korio; (born 18 March 1988)
  • His Royal Highness Prince Edward FitzHarold DeWhyte, Prince of Dor-Amarth; (born 1 September 1999)

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

  • 28 February 1967 – 14 April 1985: The Rt. Hon. Erik, Baron of Sarthe
  • 14 April 1985 - 4 February 2013: His Highness The Duke of Ozenne
  • 4 February 2013 - 23 May 2013: His Highness Prince Erik of Sconeland
  • 23 May 2013 - 1 March 2014: His Highness The Earl of Glenrothes
  • 1 March 2014 – Present: His Majesty the King

Following his accession, Erik I's official title is: "Erik, by the Grace of God, of the Kingdom of Dor-Amarth and of His other Realms and Territories, King, Defender of the Faith"

Military ranks

Royal Glennish Navy
  • Commander (May 2013 – 1 March 2014)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (1 March 2014 – Present)
House of the Dragon
  • Field Marshal - Dragon Guards (1985–Present)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (1996–Present)
Molossian Navy Republic of Molossia
  • Admiral (2011–Present)
Royal Victorian Army - Kingdom of Victoria
  • Captain - Household Cavalry (2010–2011)
  • Field Marshal (2011–Present)


Foreign orders

  • Knight of the Royal Star of Alameigh - Principality of Alameigh (2000)
  • Knight of St. Isidore of Seville (2001)
  • Knight of the Order of Saint Andrew - Kingdom of Victoria (2011)
  • Knight Bachelor - Duchy of Westbernhaven (2011)
  • Knight Master at Arms - Noble Order of Valor (2011)
  • Knight Grand Master of the Order of the Black Rose of Sharaye - Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross (2013)
  • Knight of the Order of Saint Michael - Principality of Lichtenberg (2013)
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Eagle of Lichtenberg - Principality of Lichtenberg
  • Knight of the Royal Order of the Lion - Kingdom of Ruritania (2014)
  • Knight of the Order of the Snowflake - Grand Duchy of Westarctica (2015)

Foreign Titles

  • Viscount Paleoarchon - Principality of Somotovia (1999)
  • Baron von Weisshausen - Principality of Zugesbucht (1999)
  • Duke of Angevin - Principality of Alameigh (2000)
  • Count White - Duchy of Westbernhaven (2011)
  • Marquis of Washington - Noble Order of Valor (2012)
  • Duke of Southmoor - Royal Republic of Ladonia (2013)
  • Baron of Forrester - Grand Duchy of Westarctica (2015)
  • Baron White - Principality of Lichtenberg

Other Honours and Awards

  • Associate Fellow - International Association of Amateur Heralds (2013)
  • Hero of Molossia -Republic of Molossia (2014)

Erik I, King of Hanover
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Alexandra I, Queen of Glennain
King of Dor-Amarth