Rigas Papadopoulos

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Rigas Papadopoulos
General Assemblyman
Assumed office
8 January 2014
Parliamentary groupNational Party of St.Charlie
Micronational World Chess Champion
In office
15 December 2013 – present/15 December 2014 (disputed)
President of the Inter-Micronational Chess Federation
In office

Rigas Papadopoulos is a St.Charlian micronationalist, former member of the General Assembly of St.Charlie, former president of the now defunct Inter-Micronational Chess Federation[1], and disputed current micronational world champion of chess. In 2013, Papadopoulos scored 20.5 out of a possible 21 points in the Micronational World Chess Championship organised by the Inter-Micronational Chess Federation[2], leading him to win the competition and be named world champion.

His current status as world champion is unclear. No tournament took place in 2014 to select a world champion, meaning his title was not contested. However, the World Micronational Chess Federation, an intermicronational organisation that styles itself as the governing body of chess in the MicroWiki sector, claims that because he did not defend his title that year, that the position was vacated[3].

According to the St.Charlian Observer, Papadopoulos joined St.Charlie in 2014[4]. He was elected as a member of the sixth General Assembly of St.Charlie for the National Party in the general election of 2014[5][6]. He endorsed Alexander Reinhardt for St.Charlian president thereafter[7].


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