Hemir Empire

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Hemir Empire
赫米爾帝國 (Chinese)

National flag

National emblem
Coat of arms
Motto: 為公眾利益
(Latin:Pro bono publico)
File:Eastern Asia, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
and largest city
麻里折口市 Balichekhau Capital City
Official languagesChinese
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Flavius Claudius Hadrianus Augustus
• Archon
lack (emperor agent)
Establishment16 December 2018
• Census
Time zoneUTC+8
This nation is a member of the Taiwanese Micronational Community

The Hemir Empire (Chinese: 赫米爾帝國) is a micronation in Taiwan. Balichekhau Capital City (Chinese: 麻里折口市) is the capital of the Hemir Empire.


The Hemir Empire was established on December 16, 2018. This is a country born of self-determination. Due to historical factors, the citizens of the Hemir Empire were almost all citizens of the Republic of Shinhankon before the independence.


The actual territory of the Hemir Empire is located in Taipei, Hsinchu and Hualien.

At present, the territory of the Hemir Empire is divided into one city, four provinces, and three imperial dependencies. Each area is only function as the mark on the map.

  • 麻里折口市 Balichekhau Capital City
  • 頂東勢行省 Ding Dongshi Province
  • 朱厝崙行省 Zhchulun Province
  • 大稻埕行省 Twatutia Province
  • 紅崩崗行省 Hongbenggang Province
  • 帝國直屬下埤頭領地 Imperial Dependency of Xiapitou
  • 帝國直屬北部沿岸領地 Imperial Dependency of Northern Coast
  • 帝國直屬大洄瀾領地 Imperial Dependency of Daweilan


The supreme government agency of the Hemir Empire is Senatus. The Senatus manages executive & legislative affairs.

The Senatus consists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and the Patres Conscripiti.



Gaius Claudius Maximianus Tacitus also the Claudius I(Chinese name:克勞迪烏斯ㄧ世) is the First Emperor of Empire.
Flavius Claudius Hadrianus Augustus also the Claudius II(Chinese name:克勞迪烏斯二世) is the Second Emperor of Empire.