Republic of Alrodnia

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Republic of Alrodnia
Republik Persatuan Konstitusional Alrodnia (Indonesia)

Alrodia quality flag.pngCoat of arms of Alrodnia.png

Demokrasi, Sosialisme, Nasionalisme, Toleransi (Desonasto) (Indonesia: Democracy, Socialism, Nationalism, Tolerance)
Bahagialah Alrodnia
Be Happy, Alrodnia
Banten, Indonesia
Capital cityApisia
Largest cityPerpu, Omasia
Official language(s)Indonesia, English
Official religion(s)Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian,
Short nameAlrodnia
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential consititusional republic
- Prime MinisterArs R.
- PresidentUdin R.R
- Vice PresidentSyarif I.M
LegislatureStates Representative Council (DPNB)
Established18 Juny 2018
Area claimed0.00016 km²
Population9 (as of 2020 census)
CurrencyMonopoli Dollar, Indonesian Rupiah
Time zoneALST (UTC+6:54)
National sportCongklak, Javanese Chess
National animalCat

Goverment Website

Alrodnia, officially the United Constitusional Republic of Alrodnia (Indonesian: Republik Persatuan Konstitusional Alrodnia; RPKA) or only the Republic of Alrodnia (RA) only, is a micronation in Southeast Asia adhering to the republic system. Administratively, Alrodnia Include Southeast Asian Countries It has 0 islands, 1 pond and 5 states, and according to the 2020 Census, Alrodnia's population is 13 people (including animals).

This country was proclaimed by Udin R.R

As a republic the president of this country is elected by the people and the prime minister is elected by the senate, as is the 2022 constitution


The Name Alrodnia Comes From The Surname In Alrodnia


The history of the founding of Alrodnia began with the conflict between the Apisia and Pasefek regions, which are now the state of Alrodnia. These two countries wanted each other to have a large area at that time. However, when the Proclamation of Pasefek, In order to be wider, Apisia declared the State of Alrodnia which was joined from Apisia, Omasia, Mamaksia and Abisia, but because it was interested in the supporting states of Pasefek, it finally joined Alrodnia

Proclamation Of Alrodnia

The Alrodnia Proclamation Was Done On June 18, 2018, Here's Its Contents:

Asalammualaikum WR,WRB Kami RA, Medeklarasikan Negara Yang Sah Tetapi Dipeta Masih Tidak Ada, Karena Kami Sudah Menjanjikan Kepada Setiap Negara Untuk Mengakui Secara "de jure" Masih bagian Dari Indonesia Tetapi Secara "de facto" Kami Mengakui Kemerdekaan Kami

Apisia, Alrodnia

18 Juni 2018

Begitulah Info Kami Kami Mengucapakan Terima Kasih

Wasalamualaikum WR,WB

Alrodnia - Pasefek War (2019)

In 2018 After the Proclamation of Alrodnia, Pasefek continued to fight for its sovereignty with war, but because Alrodnia was bigger than Pasefek, Pasefek often lost in battles. Finally, on 29 May 2019, a ceasefire was carried out, but President Pasefek fled to Alrodnia and Pasefek was dissolved, this is what Becoming the Forerunner of the PDRA Party

Pasefek Flag.png
Pasefek Flag


Desonasto (Democratic, Socialism, Nasionalism, Tolerance) is a Main Ideology of Alrodnia, For bringing a Free and Independent for people, Bringing Social and Morality, Bringing Nationalism for people, And bringing Peace for People.

Desonasto is split by 4 Ideology that Alrodnian People know and do by Alrodnian People, that is Democratic, Socialism, Nationalism, Tolerance.

Alrodnia also claim, Main Ideology of Alrodnia, Is Social-Democracy

Politics and government

According to the 2022 Constitution, the President is the highest office, the Prime Minister will be the Chair of the Senate, and the Senate will hold consultations for the new law, And President will agree or veto the new law from Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is elected by the Senate and the President is elected by the people. The position of minister can be taken by a senator based on the president's choice. The Presidential Election is Held Every October 31, Every One Year, The President Will Be Inaugurated On February 6, The Campaign Opens From July 6 And Closes On Election Day, Senate Elections Are Also Conducted On October 31, And Inaugurated On February 6. The Senate is also elected by the people.

Law and order

Based on the 2019 Alrodnia Constitution, the Law Can Be Implemented With A Deliberation Consisting of Witnesses, First and Second Parties

Foreign relations

Alrodnia opens all ways to be friendly with other countries. Alrodnia has opens ways in Word Press, For comment our government article, and open diplomacy, And in MicroWiki to, In our talk page.

Alrodnia has not yet organized with other countries, but Alrodnia has firmly said that Alrodnia is a Neutral and Non-aligned State and Alrodnia promise to not attack the country before they attack Alrodnia, That is our agreement with Senate and all.

Flag Nation Capital Location Diplomatic status Diplomatic Agreement
Raph Transitional Flag.png Raphania Goree Arizona Formal 19 June 2022


There are 4 ranks of Alrodnia, namely;


  • Supreme Governor (Gubernur Tertinggi)


  • Governor (Gubernur)
  • General Governor (Jenderal Gubernur)
  • General (Jendral)
  • Novice General (Jenderal Bawah)

Geography and climate

The average temperature in Alrodnia is around 26-39 degrees Celsius, when the weather changes the temperature changes more often, sometimes it is rainy or sunny.

  • Rainy Season: October - May
  • Change of Seasons: May - Juny
  • Dry Season: May - October


Flag States Capital
Apisia Flag.png Apisia Apisia
Omasia Flag.png Omasia Mushla
Pasefek Flag.png Pasefek Taman Raya Pasefek (Pasefek Great Park)
Abisia Flag.png Abisia Mushma
Mamaksia Flag.png Mamaksia Padurma

Special Region

Flag Special Region Capital
Flag of Perpu Special Region.png Daerah Khusus Perpu (Perpu Special Region) Perpu


In 2022 Alrodnian Constitusion, Specifically Article 9, Clause 1 and 2, The government has the right to fully regulate the economy, And Currency is Indonesian Rupiah and Dolar Monopoly.

Culture and media

Government Project

Alrodnia Modern Train

Alrodnia Modern Train, Or Called KMA, Is A Huge Project To Expand Alrodnia Train Facilities, Has Been Approved By The Senate And Has Also Been Trial. This train is in the shape of a box with soft cushions on the back, the first route is Apisia City - Oma City

However, even though this train has been tested, the opposition has rejected the project and the project has been terminated

Perpu Express Railway

The Perpu Express Train or KEP Train, is a steam train that will start operating on August 9, 2021, this train serves passengers from the Perpu Cathedral to the Perpu Tower, and that is the first route, this train is operated so that the previously empty Perpu City can be full again. Finally Perpu City Can Become Alrodnia's Largest City

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