Madgett v. Ela'r'oech

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Madgett v. Ela'r'oech

Ela'r'oech Justice System
Proceedings initiated November 2, 2021
Full case nameMadgett v. Ela'r'oech
Prior historyEla'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute
Presiding Judge
James Christian
Firstly, this court acknowledges that the government made appropriate actions with regard to the election of Queen Christina as monarch of Ela'r'oech, that the election was done in accordance with all presently existing and effective legislation, statutes, and constitutional documents. Secondly, it is acknowledged by this court that Christina did in fact possess the qualifications to be made monarch by the constitution and legal instruments of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech. Finally, due to the sensitivity of this matter to the stability and continuation of the state, I would like to recommend to the government that, although not legally required, a non-binding, popular referendum on the continuation of Christina as Queen be held at the same time as the special election for the four remaining vacant seats of the Parliament. Christina was confirmed as the legal monarch, however a non-binding referendum was recommended to be held by the government to gain knowledge of the popular opinion of Christina as monarch.
Laws applied

Madgett v. Ela'r'oech was a court case in Ela'r'oech. Filed by Andrew Perdomo, listing Charles Madgett as the plaintiff, the documentation explains the reasoning for the case. It goes over the beginning actions that eventually began the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute, citing Christina I and Bryce Smith as the two defendants, however in the case filing together they are represented by the Ela'r'oech government.


The claims of the defendant were as follows;

  • The current government of Ela'r'oech is legitimate.

The claims of the plaintiff were as follows;

  • The current government of Ela'r'oech is not representative of the citizens in Ela'r'oech.

The plaintiff had attempted to claim such by showing a poll which declared Madgett to be the desired ruler in Ela'r'oech. Despite this, the decision was reached to have the government hold a non-legal binding referendum.


The court case has been used as an example of corruption in the justice system, torn down by modern-day Elarian legalists. Additionally, it has been overruled by the establishment of the Empire, as this case was held while Ela'r'oech was a Kingdom.