Free Federal Republic of Zeprana

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Free Federal Republic of Zeprana
Flag of Free Federal Republic of Zeprana
Seal of Free Federal Republic of Zeprana
"Long live Free Zeprana"
"This Land is Your Land" (Zepranan)
Red is Zeprana
Red is Zeprana
Largest cityWyoming
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Federal Republic
Grant Taylor
Evan Lynch
LegislatureNational Assembly of Zeprana
• Foundation
September 11th 2022
• Total
11.7 sq mi (30 km2)
• Estimate
CurrencyZepranan Pound
United States Dollar
Time zoneEST
Date formatmm/dd/yy
Driving sideright
Succeeded by
Free Commonwealth of Zyva
  1. Zeprana is nation viewed as a Micronation and is not a United Nations member state, nor does it have recognition from any United Nations member state.

The Federal Republic of Zeprana, more commonly known as Zeprana or officially the Free Federal Republic of Zeprana was a Self-proclaimed independent state also known as a Micronation to external observers located within Rhode Island. Zeprana find it's roots in the Republic of Worrell and the United Elarian Front, which was the name of Ela'r'oech at the time, Zeprana was founded by Terry McKeen III, and Charles Madgett as an Elarian Realm under the name of the "United Commonwealth of Zeprana" on March 1, 2021. Zeprana shared a land border with the Republic of Averna, Commonwealth of Zeprana, and Zeprana also holds borders with Macronations such as the United States. Wyoming is the Largest city of the Republic but the acting capital is The City of Amesston.


The word and name Zeprana is unknown, however it was created by the nations two founders Terry McKeen III and Charles Madgett in late February 2021. The name comes from the language Liamish, a constructed language invented by Liam MacKenzie with Zep translating to "Great" and Prana translating to "Commune" or Community, the nations name quite literally translates to Great Nation.

Official State names

Non-Connected Official State Names


The History of Zeprana can be traced back to 2021 in the Republic of Worrell and United Elarian Front.

Prehistory of Zeprana

Micronationalism was discovered by Matthew Cunningham, a founding father of the nation in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, when he founded the Empire of Runnymede which at the time was simply known as the Principality of Runnymede. Soon after its founding, Runnymede found itself embroiled in the LENS-Runnymede War with the League of Elarian Nations and the Micronational Assembly. Runnymede due to this conflict collapsed as a nation in late February 2021. Around this time, Terry McKeen III and Cunningham met one another, with Cunningham introducing McKeen to Charles Madgett, they soon all devised a plan to create a new Micronation and move on from the war. Zeprana was founded as a protectorate of Ela'r'oech on March 1, 2021. McKeen would become the President of the Commonwealth of Zeprana, with Matthew Cunningham serving as the first Prime Minister of Zeprana. The nation would develop over some time to be one of the largest realms of Ela'r'oech and the largest nation of the Rhode Island Sector and the New England Sector. Charles Madgett, Andrew Perdomo, and Terry McKeen III prominent Elarian Politicians at the time agreed to make Zeprana the Micronational Media Superpower. During this time, Madgett proposed purchasing the site, MicroWiki from Jonathan I, The Emperor of Austenasia with the idea quickly being shut down and never perused. However, Madgett did create an alternative to MicroWiki known as MicroVault. Plans to make Zeprana a media superpower within the Micronational Community continued, with Charles Madgett creating multiple apps and websites with his privately held company, ACBIC and the Ela'r'oech News Source. Zeprana also began to grow to become allies with the Republic of Worrell, with Terry McKeen becoming the President of Worrell in July 2021 with Matthew Cunningham, the Prime Minister of Zeprana being made the Vice President of Worrell. Zeprana would continue to develop and would eventuality form an alliance with the Republic of Worrell with several treaties being signed between the two. On June 12, 2021, Christoph Billung and Charles Madgett became the President and Vice President of the nation after winning the Worrellian Presidential Election, April 2021, beating Matthew Cunningham and Liam MacKenzie, the founders of the nation in the election. After Charles Madgett signed the Cosma Convention, a Convention ending the Alarian Wars which was a conflict that the Republic of Worrell was involved in. From here, Cunningham and MacKenzie who were the founders of the nation claimed voter fraud, forming the Peoples Republic of Worrell making appointing Terry McKeen III the leader of the President of Worrell denouncing Madgett's and Billings claims to the Presidency. Later, McKeen sided with Madgett making him the Chancellor of the nation, sparking the Worrellian Civil War sparking the collapse of the Republic of Worrell and the founding of Zeprana.

Foundation of Zeprana and First Elarian Era

The nation was originally founded with Charles Madgett serving as King of Ela'r'oech and Zeprana with Terry McKeen III serving as the Prime Minister, on October 8 however, Charles I&II announced that he would be abdicating the throne as King of Ela'r'oech. Christina Nowell was announced to become the Queen of Ela'r'oech with Bryce Smith as the new national Prime Minister. What followed was known as the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute, from here Zeprana declared its Independence. After declaring Independence the nation soon found itself as a more powerful nation with its economy supporting a Growth Domestic Product of nearly $988,382 United States Dollars, one higher than nearly all Micronations and even higher than some Macronations, the nation also soon began to gain ties with other Micronations such as the Kingdom of Pontunia, Most Serene Republic of Richensland, and the Tsardom of Begon, Zeprana also become a full member state of the Micronational Assembly and went onto form the Global Micronational Union. The Republic of Zeprana was originally founded as a Constituent state of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech up until the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute when Madgett v. Ela'r'oech court battle commenced and when Charles Madgett and Christina Nowell found themselves fighting for the nation. Eventually the nation split into two sides, with one side wishing to join CHASM and the Three Houses with the other half wanting to join Cycoldian Imperium, Terry McKeen III and Aniq Sufyan had made good friends with each other. After seeing the Cycoldian involvement in Richensland, McKeen and much of Parliament began to take the side of Charles, from here Christina pushed for a Vote of No Confidence against Terry McKeen, with McKeen and the Prime Minister of Neo-Alaria threatening to secede from Ela'r'oech. Neo-Alaria soon became a part of Ela'r'oech however Zeprana did not with it gaining allies with nations such as the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, and the Republic of Molossia. The nation also gained informal ties with nations such as the Republic of Liberland and the Tsardom of Begon. The nation also became a full member state of the Micronational Assembly, League of Independent Nations it also went on to form the Global Micronational Federation. Zeprana soon found itself with conflict with Almendria, after a round of idle threats from Almendria and negotiations starting, Almendria eventually made peace with Zeprana. The nation began to grow and Charles Madgett wished to have authority over Zeprana once again. McKeen announced that Zeprana would become the Dominion of Zeprana under the rule of Charles Madgett, the attempt to cede Zeprana into Ela'r'oech once again failed. Soon after the nation began to re-build and become more stable with Matthew Cunningham and Charles Madgett assuming the roles of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively.

Modern Era - Worker's Era

On August 19, 2022 - for the first time in the nations history democratic elections were held, with a National Assembly, Cabinet of Ministers, Federal President and Prime Minister being elected and forming a new government, later the McKeenist goverment re-toke the The Federal Republic of Zeprana (Worker's Government). Later after the Free Federal Republic of Zeprana founded on September 11 to Liberate what Matthew Cunningham had started, soon after it founded the Temporary president Theodore Adam Zopf Von Neuhessen treated the Federal Republic too much as a State more than a Republic so he was voted out and the Prime minister Micheal Langley Older brother of Elizabeth Snowie Langley toke charge.

Era's of Zepranan History

Era Length of Era Notes
Prehistory Era February 25th, 2020 - March 1, 2021 1 Year Post Foundation of Zeprana, this is when what would later become Provinces and Territories of Zeprana are founded such as Worrell and Springton and Kaiserton.
Rebirthing Era March 1, 2021 - September 15, 2021 198 Days Zeprana would be founded as a part of the United Elarian Front as it was called at the time and would rise to become an influential and powerful member of the Elairan Empire before seceding and becoming a Federal Republic.
Modern Era September 15, 2021 - Ongoing Ongoing Democratic Elections would be held, foreign influence would plague the nation but would be stamped out in the larer less than half way through 2022, McKeen would be removed from the Presidency and the worker's party leader Matthew Cunningham would become the Federal President and prime minister Christoph Billung and add the Chief Justice of Zeprana leader as Liam MacKenzie. Later when elections happened the Republic entered a state of In-Activity and McKeen took charge again.

Government and Politics

Zeprana is a Federal republic, with the nation officially being a Democratic Federal republic. The Head of state is the Federal President while the Head of Government of the nation is the Prime Minister, with the Deputy Prime Minister serving as the deputy Head of Government. The National Assembly of Zeprana is the legislature of the Federal Republic of Zeprana. The last election was on August 19th, 2022. The National Assembly has the power to pass laws, overturn Presidential vetoes, vote for the Prime Minister that the Federal President proposes, and press charges of impeachment on both the President and Prime Minister. Citizens can also vote on pressing charges of impeachment of individual assemblypersons if they believe they are not being properly represented by a popular vote referendum. The Federal President of Zeprana with him/her being Head of state is responsible for foreign interactions with other nation states, while the Prime Minister in charge of the executive cabinet of ministers, and the National Assembly of Zeprana, the Prime Minister also has the authority to sign or veto legislation, ask for the written opinion of their Cabinet, convene or adjourn the Parliament, and receive ambassadors. It is optional for the Prime Minister to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister, The Federal President is Micheal Langley with currently no Prime Minister or Chief Justice.

Foreign Relations

The Federal Republic of Zeprana held foreign affairs with Micronations from throughout the world which the Free Federal Republic is trying to maintain those relations. The Federal Republic of Zeprana does not Recognize the Existence of the Arcadian Dominion of Zeprana. because it believes the Arcadian Monarchy did not win the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation.

Unilateral Recognition

Zeprana recognizes many Macronations and Micronations throughout the world. The following are all Micronations and Macronations Zeprana recognized as independent states.

 United Nations - The Zeprana recognizes all member states of the UN except the People's Republic of China

 Grand Unified Micronational - The Free Federal Republic of Zeprana recognized all member states of the GUM

United New England Micronations - The Free Republic of Zeprana recognizes all member states of the UNEM

 Taiwan - Taiwan is recognized as the government of mainland China and the Island of Taiwan

 Palestine - Palestine is recognized as a sovereign state by Zeprana

 Kosovo - Kosovo is was recognized by the Diplomatic Act of 2021

 Western Sahara - Western Sahara is was also recognized in the Diplomatic Act of 2021

 Liberland - Liberland is recognized by Zeprana

 State of Faltree - Faltree is recognized as a sovereign state

 Molossia - Molossia is recognized by Zeprana

 Norton - Norton is recognized as a sovereign state

Kaiserton - Kaiserton is recognized as a sovereign state

Mutual Recognition

 Averna Averna is currently one of Zeprana's closest friends with the two quickly becoming allies after Zeprana seceded from McKeenist Zeprana.

Federative Republic of Zeprana is recognized as a sovereign state

Enemy States

- The Social Republic of Kekprana is viewed as in legitimate successor state to Zeprana because of the Federative Republic of Zeprana still existing.

Unrecognized States

McKeenist Federal Republic of Zeprana is not regonized due to its claims of so many micronation's

Micronational Organisations

The Federal Republic of Zeprana is a member of the United New England Micronations. meanwhile the Free Republic is an observer

Provinces & Territories

The Amesston is currently the oldest still existing within the borders Zeprana State with the capital the City of Amesston, The province has been the Capital of Zeprana through out most Zeprana's history. The Shared Territory of Korrellia is a territory shared between Averna and Zeprana which is where the states leaders live, There is also the Territory of Indi Located within Indianapolis where one of the Federal Presidents home's are.

Wyoming, Zeprana

Locustville Pond, with Wyoming, Zeprana seen on the right of the Image

Wyoming is the capital of Zeprana, although it is not the largest city within the nation (The largest city is Amesston). Wyoming is the seat of government of the National Assembly of Zeprana, and were the residences of both the Federal President and Prime Minister are located. The city is also the second largest by population in Zeprana, only smaller than Amesston.

Biodiversity & Lifeforms

In Zeprana, fish are often caught especially within Locustville Pond, One of the nations largest bodies of water that is easily accessible to citizens of Zeprana.

Other animals that can be found near and within Zeprana are "game" as they are called such as Deer, rabbits, and certain types of birds. Many our animal species can also be found around the nation, as well as birds.

Some of the birds that live within, near, and around Zeprana are Robins, Cardinals, Ravins, Other Rens, Eagles, Vultures, Sparrows, Gold Finches and other types of Finches