Zepranan People's Front

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Zepranan People's Front
Flag of Zeprana
Motto: "Viva la Zeprana!!"
CapitalNew Judea
Largest cityNew Palestine
Other languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Zepranan People's Frontian
GovernmentAnarcho-Syndicalist Commune within an Autonomous Collective
• Executive Officer of the Week
Alters every Week based on a hat draw
• Chair of the Bi-Weekly Ratification Meeting
Elected at the beginning of the meeting
LegislatureBi-Weekly Ratification Meeting
• Declaration
7 August 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyZepranan dollar
Time zoneEST

The Zepranan People's Front is a self-declared Autonomous Collective formed by an Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune, headed by an Executive Officer for the Week, taken turns by hat draw. The Zepranan People's Front maintains that it is the legitimate successor of the Government, Nation, and State of Zeprana, holding that all other Zepranas are pretender petty states which are incommensurate to fill the position of the legitimate Zeprana.


Zepranan People's Front Executive of the Week, chosen by hat-draw at the commencement of every week, holds supreme Executive Power over the Autonomous Collective Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune. However, all of the decisions by the Executive Officer have to be ratified at the special Bi-Weekly Ratification Meeting, where the decision is ratified via simple majority in the case of solely internal affairs, but by a 2/3 majority in more important matters. The Chair of the Bi-Weekly Ratification Meeting is voted upon via a 2/3 majority at the commencement of every Bi-Weekly Ratification Meeting of the Zepranan People's Front.

Foreign Relations

The Zepranan People's Front is at odds with the Federal Republic of Zeprana, the Commonwealth of Zeprana, remnants of the United Commonwealth of Zeprana, the Second, Third, and Fourth Republics of Zeprana, the Zepranan State, the Islamic Emirate of Zeprana, and most especially at odds with the People's Front of Zeprana.

Upon the foundation of the Zepranan People's Front it declared war on the People's Front of Zeprana, claiming them to be "Wankers" and "Splitters". Whilst the Zepranan People's Front is currently at war with the People's Front of Zeprana, it is also at war with every other nation that the Zepranan People's Front deems to be pretenders. Which in practice is every nation claiming to be Zeprana that isn't the Zepranan People's Front.