Charles I, Emperor of Ela'r'oech

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Charles I, Emperor of Ela'r'oech
Charles' Royal Portrait (2024)
Emperor of the Elarian Empire
and the other Elarian realms
Assumed office
3 March 2022
Predecessor Office established
King of Pontunia
Assumed office
5 November 2023
Predecessor Andrew Perdomo
Personal information
Born May 22, 2006 (2006-05-22) (age 18)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America
Birth name Charles Madgett
  • United States of America
  • Micronational
  • Ela'r'oech
  • Begon
  • Pontunia
  • Bushistan
  • Elarian Realms
Nationality Elarian
Political party Independent
Religion Catholic Christian

Charles I, Emperor of Ela'r'oech is a businessman, musician, and micronational politician from the Southern United States, specifically the State of Louisiana, and is most known for his work in Ela'r'oech, Bushistan, and LENS-ETU. Upon his passing, he shall be posthumously given the title of Mevd I, with his successor becoming known as Mevd II.

Charles has founded ACBIC, heads it's subsidiary ACBIC Games and also created Heroics and Dragon Studio. He is a founding member of the musical duo Momentum. He led troops in the Alarian Wars and throughout the Elarian-Alarian Conflict,[1] he had led military campaigns and attempted to dissolve the situation until he wrote the Cosma Convention to end the conflict. He previously held the title of King of Ela'r'oech, having founded the nation. He later proclaimed himself Emperor, forming the nation from a Kingdom to an Empire spanning multiple Kingdoms.[2] Under his rule, the Empire has annexed former independent micronations such as Alaria, Distonia, Naga, Lateritia, and more. He has founded the House of Madgett, where he claims influence in the entire Bayou Sector and other micronations in the Carolinas. Charles has dominated affairs taking place in the Bayou Sector, having led crusades to grow his Empire and establish a dynasty. He is a slightly controversial micronational leader, having made heavily authoritarian, almost dictator-like actions and rules to secure his nation in times of crisis; notably during the First and Second Elarian Monarchy Disputes.[3] He is also the poster-boy of Carolusianism, a royalist ideology which proclaims him to be the sole leader of Ela'r'oech.

After Madgett v. Perdomo, a landmark court case mostly generalized as a gentlemen's agreement, Charles was proclaimed the King of the Kingdom of Pontunia. This would allow him to officially create the United Kingdom of the Great Bayou with himself as King, or Emperor depending on his title choosing.

Personal Life

Charles was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 22 May 2006. Before his ventures into micronationalism, he would have already established self-proclaimed "discord nations" such as the first iteration of Kakato and ACBekistan. He has a podcast called Acidio, where he updates rarely these days but still listens to it from time to time. He founded Ela'r'oech under the name The First Artillery with a friend for a school project in 2018. After the project was due, the nation was forgotten about. He created ACBIC around August 2019. Later on, he temporarily gave the site to one of his friends. It was around this time with ACBIC that he discovered micronationalism and it's community, but he'd preferred he not make one at the time, still having forgotten about The First Artillery.

Charles' Political Compass

Political beliefs


Charles, generally, he is better described as a right-wing figure. Charles has also stated that his religion has helped him find morals in relation to political beliefs. Charles has stated that he is devoutly pro-life, stating that under no circumstances should abortion be legal unless the child would die regardless. Additionally, Charles has stated that identity politics is a 'scourge' on modern-day America. He's also stated that Communism in theory and in practice is an ideology he described as evil.

He's also stated that he will be endorsing Vivek Ramaswamy for the United States Presidential Election of 2024.


Micronationally, Charles usually supports the positions and policies of the Ela'r'oech Lew Elaroek Party in Ela'r'oech, though he tends to not publicly state such to keep a neutral face. Regardless of his personal preferences, he does not usually publicly support or denounce any legislation, party, or even citizen in Ela'r'oech or Pontunia. He is, in regards to Ela'r'oech, easily described as a National Monarchist, as the ideology and its supporters originate from Ela'r'oech and generally seem to hold Charles in a high regards through legislation such as the Respect Act of 2023 or general daily life.

Micronational Career

After getting into micronationalism, he has throughout his micronational career earned many titles such as Prime Minister of Runnymede, Dictator of Ela'r'oech, Chancellor of Kakato, and more. He likes debating, because he has said, "I rarely lose, but when I do, I learn." Charles is the founder and King of Ela'r'oech. He is also the King of all Elarian Realms and has also been heavily involved in Begon, Pontunia, Runnymede. He also served as the President of the Republic of Bushistan. He is a very influential member in the Bayou Sector, having been a main influencer during the Elarian-Alarian Conflict, the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute,and starting the Louisiana State Football League. He has also proven influential outside the sector, with influence over Begon and Zeprana. So far, he has united 80% of the Bayou Sector by annexation into his empire and has also united it entirely by lineage in the House of Madgett.

Military Campaigns

Charles led upwards of 10 military campaigns during the Elarian-Alarian Conflict and the Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute. During the Alarian War, Charles had led 2 campaigns, including the retaking of Elarian Building 1 holding a soldier of Alaria captive, which would lead to the end of the war. During the Second Alarian War, Charles was leading 3 campaigns during the Battles of New Vizington and Da'a'ck, where in the campaigns they had successfully pushed back 3 soldiers of Alaria and then the 1 soldier of Poloris. After that, he had went on the backburner however during the Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute, he would lead around 5 campaigns to expand the land claims of Ela'r'oech during the conflict.

Political Maneuvers

Charles has also had a series of using political maneuvers and swift changes to ensure his reign as Emperor efficiently. He had founded some micronations with some friends in 2021 and 2022, however Charles would later convince these friends to give up political control in the events of inactivity. After these maneuvers he would use the states he had become King of to form the Empire he rules over.

Eventually it would be revealed that he was getting bored of micronationalism throughout 2021 and would begin to take many breaks followed by returns. This would come to a stop after the First Elarian Monarchy Dispute when he had to retake his control as King of Ela'r'oech.

Foreign Influence

Charles has held foreign influence since first joining Runnymede, where he would later run for Prime Minister in a short matter of days since having joined. Despite being a new face, he was able to convince the public to make him Prime Minister, where Runnymede would never be the same as the nation saw reforms and policies which would give more rights to citizens, though not as legally defined rights. He would later start LENS, which would actively be a micronational organization used to further spread his influence across other micronations. He would also serve as the only Chancellor of Runnymede, being the objective second-in-command, behind Matthew Cunningham. After Begon would annex Runnymede following the LENS-Runnymede War, Charles would enter the spiritual successor to Runnymede as the Republic of Worrell. In an odd event of history repeating itself, Charles would serve as Christoph Billung's running mate as Vice President and after the inauguration, he would yet again serve as the objective second-in-command. He would, after Worrell's dissolution, serve as Bushistan's Fifth President, where he would release major economic reform and changes to foreign policy and relations.

After many attempts for foreign influence, Charles would form the LENS-ETU joint organizations and the United Trade International, which would go on to spread influence in many micronations. Additionally, he would begin to start gaining members for the House of Madgett.

Speeches & Quotes


"Though I may die, I will not die alone. That is my wish, and final parting gift to myself. A perfect death." - Charles, 2019

"A present? Why the hell would I give you a present? I'm the present." - Charles, 2019

"I may not be the best, hell, I may be the worst. Just the absolute pinnacle of trash, it doesn't mean I won't have my moments." - Charles, 2020

"Words cannot describe the terror I feel and have felt in the past hour and continue to." - Charles, in response to the Christmas 2020 death of Brandon Jacobs.

"You know [Elarian] colleges exist now, right?" - Charles, 2020

"The possible worst is coming.." - Charles, in response to Joe Biden's inauguration in 2021.

"I'm not afraid of death, or how I may die. I am, however, afraid that when I die people may not speak my name afterwards." - Charles, 2022

"Milo is always with me." - Charles, referencing his cat Milo, in 2022.

"I wonder if the people will march with me to the most grandiose palace of my life or the gallows which will end it." - Charles, 2022

"Napoleon was pretty cool and deserves to be celebrated. He gave us Louisiana. I could have been born French!" - Charles 2022


Do not fear. We are to prevail. With me as King, we have unity. With our new Prime Minister, we have security. With Parliament, we have policy. We have a trinity. As for our opposers, we must not let them divide us. The Lord is with us, we have suffered and survived. We have come back. We are the victors, despite what many others may say. We are the Elarian people. We can do this. We have each other and that's a great thing. We have unity, strength, perseverance. Alone we cannot do anything at all, however together we have forged a community that has been immortalized in many forms. We have democracy, yet security. We work. We work alone and together. United, we stand as one. We have Ela'r'oech. We have family and comradery. For this, we fight. For this, I believe in all of you. Every single one of you. You alone hold your destiny, yet standing united as a Kingdom of Ela'r'oech, you hold the fate of many. We are one. Come one, come all, for we are Elarians and we hold the power of our own destiny. For this, we fight.

— Charles Madgett, 12 November 2021

Ela'r'oech is a nation which it's citizens have grown to ideological extremes. The political extremes are growing and the nation is becoming divided. Stop dividing! If you wanna support me, you can be Carolusian without being Imperialist! If you wanna advocate for Ela'r'oech annexing other micronations, go ahead! If you wanna advocate for democracy, go ahead! Ela'r'oech is a great nation which has grown from almost nothing to being respected by a good amount of other micronations.

We have the power to change history. We have the power to change micronationalism as a whole. I want the biggest, smallest, most niche, most known, respected, feared, authoritarian, democratic, all micronations to hear me. All should hear when I say Ela'r'oech is about to change micronationalism. We, as Elarians, hold the power to make micronationalism something more than what it is now. We hold the power to bring everyone up with us. We can break the glass ceiling.

I know how to expand, I know how to conquer, I know how to grow. I have my ways, and it'll happen. We're gonna grow to a massive extent soon.

Every micronation that has seen or will see this speech now has a choice. Will you become an ally of our glorious Empire, or an enemy of the state?

— Charles Madgett, 23 March 2022

Awards, Orders & Knighthoods

List of Awards

Nation Name of Award Date of Awarding
Empire of Ela'r'oech Alarian War Service Medal 10 March 2023
Second Alarian War Service Medal
Elarian-Alarian Conflict Service Medal
Kingdom of Pontunia Order of Andrew I 2022

Visual of Awards

Ribbon bars of Charles I


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