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CapitalKutha Naga Agung
Official languagesEnglish, Dangaro
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
Dragon King
• Prime Minister
Charles Madgett
• Declared Independence, Ratified Constitution
4 November 2021
• Estimate
Time zoneCentral Daylight Time (CDT)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Naga is an autonomous territorial entity claiming to be a sovereign state, often classified as a micronation by external observers. It was founded on 4 November 2021 by the Dragon King. Naga was made in response to the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute as a Carolusian nation. Already it has started foreign relations with Ela'r'oech and is also an ally of Lateritia as the Dragon King is also someone who goes to Charles Madgett's school. Due to it's location, it is in the Bayou Sector and due to it's constitution, it is inherently an Ela'r'oech allied nation and deems itself "Carolusian." It's flag was revealed on 4 November 2021, though it still has no coat of arms.


Naga is the Javanese word for Dragon. Kutha Naga Agung is Javanese for "Grand Dragon City" or roughly "City of Grand Dragon."

Foreign Relations

Naga is part of the United Carolusian Cabinet and is undergoing foreign relations with Ela'r'oech, Lateritia, and Pontunia.