Monarchy of Pontchartrain-Maurepas

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King of Pontunia
Andrew I
since 12 January 2020
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchAndrew I
Formation12 January 2020
ResidenceRoyal Residence

The Monarchy of Pontunia, ceremonially referred to as the King of Ponchartrain-Maurepas, is the political institution comprising the Monarch of Pontunia and the Pontunian Royal Family. The Monarch - males titled as King and females as Queen - is head of state of Pontunia, by virtue of which they wield the extensive executive, legislative, judicial and military powers of the Crown. The current monarch is Andrew I, who has the Throne since January 2020, with a brief interregnum from February to May 2023.

Powers and duties

According to Pontunian law, the Monarch has sole power over the following:

  • The power to issue Royal Decrees and Royal Mandates,
  • The power to approve Candidates for Chief Minister.
  • The power to veto Parliament by not giving Royal Consent.
  • The power to give Honors of Pontunia
  • The power to appoint Nobles to areas
  • The power to serve as Judge of the Royal Court, to appoint juries, and to appoint the judges of High Courts.
  • The right to have a sacrosanct and inviolable person.
  • The position of commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Pontunia.

The Monarch has been required to "be a baptised Christian who professes belief in the Holy Trinity", with non-Christians being ineligible to accept or ascend to the Throne.



Although a coronation is not needed for the Monarch to either ascend to the Throne or to start ruling, Pontunian Monarchs do generally have ceremonial coronations (as the British monarch does).

The first Duke, Andrew I, crowned himself as Duke in a elaborate ceremony surrounded by the Ducal Family, using rosemary oil for annotating, a family-owned Bible, to symbolize faith, a goose quill, to symbolize honesty (a loan from Ancient Egypt's Feather of Truth), and a homemade coronet.

Regnal numbering

The counting of the numbers of the Pontunian Monarchs include all previous rulers of the land which now comprises Pontunia. This includes the Kings and Queens of France, Spain, and Norton I.

Line of Succession

The Throne is intended to be inherited through male-preference (cognatic) primogeniture. When the Line of Succession reaches the end of those related to the Monarch by blood, an election is to take place. However, the King may designate any Christian citizen of Pontunia to be heir apparent if he so chooses.

The following is the Line of Succession to the Crown of Pontunia. The ordinals (regnal numbers) each will have (should they ascend to the Throne) are in brackets after the name. Upon the death or abdication of the Monarch, the Throne shall pass to the next eligible person in the Line of Succession:

HRM Andrew I

  • 1. Eric, Count of Orlinia (I)
  • 2 Francis Perdomo (III)

List of Kings

Name Portrait Arms Birth Marriages Death Claim
 House of Perdomo 
(2017 – )
Andrew I
Andrew Michael
12 January 2020 –
29 December 2005
Baton Rouge
Son of Eric, Count of Orlina
and Michelle, Countess of Orlina
Does not appear Unmarried Living, age 18 years, 142 days