New Rouen (Pontunia)

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New Rouen
Nova Rothomagensis
Royal Domain[1] and Capital
Flag of New Rouen
"The Royal Domain"
"Capax Dei"
Royal CirclePontunian Heartlands
ProvinceRoyal Domain
Established12 January 2020
Founded byAndrew Perdomo
 • Lord MayorEric Perdomo
 • Total0.05 sq mi (.12 km2)
 • Total5
 • Density110/sq mi (42/km2)
Time zoneUTC-06:00 (Pontunian Standard Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-05:00 (Pontunian Daylight Time)
Area code(504)

New Rouen, or Nouen, officially the is the capital city of Pontunia and the provincial capital of the Royal Domain of Pontunia. New Rouen was established on 12 January 2020. The city is home to the Royal Residence and headquarters to the Government of Pontunia. The city is the financial and economic hub of Pontunia.

New Rouen is the most populated city in the Royal Domain, and where the majority of the residents of Pontunia reside.


New Rouen is named after Rouen, the Norman city.


New Rouen was founded as the Royal Residence of Pontunia on 12 January 2020.


New Rouen, as a part of the Royal Domain of Pontunia, is directly administered by the Crown and as such, constitutional law does not immediately apply. The administration is headed by a Lord Mayor, who serves at the whim of the Crown, and as such can be replaced at any time.


New Rouen is located in the Deep South region of the United States, inside of Metairie, Louisiana.


New Rouen consists of:

Royal Residence of Pontunia

The Royal Residence of Pontunia is the main government building and diplomatic venue of Pontunia. It is a two story house near a levee.

Garden of New Rouen

The backyard of the Royal Residence, contains two orange trees and decorative flowers.

Organisations and foundations

Paloma City being capital for Paloma, it is also the headwaters of many other organisations and foundations. Paloma City is headquarters to the Leauge of Nations, a universal micronational defense and peace making organisation, the Great Lakes Council which insures peace in micronations in the Great Lakes region. Paloma City is also headquarters and de facto capital of the British Hong Kong Government in Exile and a parliament in exile is held in a garage next to the Sexton and Kilfoil drain.

Sister cities

  • Ragnarstaad, New Nidaros, Pontunia


  1. Royal Domain is a legal term meaning lands directly administered by the Crown.