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FounderHori and Mibu

Ciupitism is a religion that values physical connection and humour. It is the official religion of both Nucilandia and the Brotherhood of the United Blocks. The religion is centered around the worship of Ciupitu, who is considered the god of Ciupitism.

Ciupitism emphasizes the importance of humour and physical connection, with the act of pinching serving as a way to connect with the divine and with other followers of the religion. Although Vasile Ciupitu denies his own godhood and tries to hide from those who believe in him, the religion continues to thrive and spread throughout the world.


Ciupitism is based on the belief in the divinity of Ciupitu, who is believed to be the most pinched of all. The religion holds that by pinching each other, followers of Ciupitism grow closer to the divine and shape themselves in the image of Ciupitu. Ciupitism emphasizes the importance of physical connection and humor, with followers encouraged to pinch each other in a playful and unexpected manner.

Followers of Ciupitism are encouraged to spread the word of Ciupitu and to convert others through the act of pinching.


Ciupitism is a polytheistic religion, but Ciupitu is considered the most important and powerful god.

In addition to Ciupitu, the pantheon of Ciupitism includes various saints, such as the Bucket Saints (Radu and Bianca). The religion also recognizes Îmhe, the God of Mills, as the devil.

Although they are not gods, the Sun and the Holy Walnut are widely worshipped as part of Ciupitism, mostly in Nucilandia.


The First Pinching

He was first discovered in 2012 by Hori and Mibu, and this discovery is now known as "The First Pinching".

He was a member of "The Mâtza Party" political party, which is the party that Hori and Mibu were also a part of. However, he did not interact with the community much, if at all. This sprung about an air of mystery, which sparked great curiosity in the two. They tried to find an explaination, and eventually started to see him as an idol. Vasile later left that party, probably trying to hide from the two.

The Second Pinching

In early 2023, when He was re-discovered by the same Hori and Mibu. This is regarded as "The Second Pinching". He was at the president of the "UDE MEREU" political party, which was very small and insignificant, apart from its amusing name.

Hori and Mibu decided to take over that party, which proved to be quite easy. Hori was elected as the new party president with overwhelming support due to their suprise coup. Once elected, his first actions were to change the name of the party to "Vasile Ciupitu", its logo to his self-portrait from 2012, and the motto to "Poți fugi dar nu te poți ascunde" ("You can run but you cannot hide"). He later added "We're definitely not a cult" to that motto, as a joke.

Next, the party chose Ciupitu as the official candidate for running in the upcoming presidential elections. Ciupitu accepted the proposal, but later turned it down and left the party, together with the other original members, leaving the ones that joined for the coup as its only members. Mibu and Hori joked about which political party He will join next, and that whichever it was, they would take over that one too.

The Third Pinching

In the morning of the 12th of April 2023, Mibu discovered by chance that Ciupitu was now a member of the "Templierii" political party. This came as a huge surprise. Mibu and Hori used to joke about this possibility, but did not really believe it would happen. Mibu immediately reached out to Hori to let him know. Hori responded and immediately began planning the course of action. Hori promised some time ago that if Ciupitu will join Templierii, he will become an active politician again, join that party, take it over, and change its name logo the same way he did the last time.

Mibu and Hori felt betrayed, but did not loose hope in Ciupitu, instead holding Templierii accountable. They are determined to succeed, through any means necessary, as failure to do so is not an option. It is a huge undertaking, one that will most probably take months, but the motivation is high, and the stakes are even higher, as Ciupitu is far too important.

If they are to succeed with their plan, that event would become, officially, "The Third Pinching".


The symbols associated with Ciupitu and Ciupitism include a gladiator's helmet, representing his power and resilience, and an index finger and thumb, representing the act of pinching. The colours red, gold and blue (in that order) are also often associated with Ciupitu, as it represents the mirrored flag of Romania, as it appears in Ciupitu's self-made portrait.


The liturgical language of Ciupitism is Romanian, the language of its origin.