Charlotte Katrínsdóttir

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Charlotte of Uskor

Charlotte Katrínsdóttir
Portrait photograph
High Queen of Uskor
Assumed office
26 August 2017
Prime Minister Claire Nymoria (current)
Robert Kennedy (first)
Predecessor office established
Queen of Uskor[a]
In office
February 28 2010 - April 12, 2016 (interrupted from August 1, 2012 to February 16, 2013)
Prime Minister Dylan Gronsson (last)
Robert Kennedy (first)
Predecessor office established
Successor office disestablished
Prime Minister of Uskor
In office
August 1 - August 4 2012
Predecessor Mark Bobssen and Joseph Puglisi
Successor Joseph Puglisi
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture
Assumed office
December 28, 2010
High Queen herself
Predecessor Helen Bobsdoittur
Minister for Civil Defence and National Resilience
Assumed office
May 2020
High Queen herself
Predecessor herself (as Minister for State Security)
Chairwoman of the Council of State
In office
2016 - 26 August 2017
Predecessor office established
Successor herself (as High Queen)
Personal information
Born August 1991 (age 32)
Sydney, New South Wales
Citizenship Commonwealth of Uskor
Nationality Australian
Political party Uskorian People's Party
Other political
Australian Labor Party
Residence Castle Winter, Freyavik, Ny-Troms
Religion Wiccan

Charlotte of Uskor (Charlotte Louise Katrínsdottir), born August 1991, is the High Queen of Uskor, an Uskorian politician and military officer.
Charlotte ascended to the throne of Uskor as High Queen on the 27th of August 2017 upon the vote of the Allthing, having previously served as Queen of Uskor until her Abdication following the socialist revolution and as the Chairwoman of the Council of State.
Charlotte is also the current Jarl of Ny-Troms. A self-described political warrior, Charlotte has been at the centre of Uskorian politics since Uskor’s inception, with some figures both within and outside of Uskor accusing her of political intrigue.

The Foundations of Uskor

High Queen Charlotte
High Queen Charlotte posing infront of a historic NSW Railmotor

On November 20, 2009 Charlotte was forced by her father to move with him to New Zealand, a deeply traumatic event for Charlotte.

Charlotte and her friend Sir Cinnamon Toastcrunch founded Uskor (then called Zealandia) on February 2010 follwing Charlotte being inspired by reading about Molossia.
Charlotte and Sir Cinnamon laid the foundations and basic constitution of the fledgling Kingdom, which held territory both in Australia and New Zealand.
In 2012 Charlotte escaped from New Zealand and returned to Australia where she dissolved the territorial holdings in New Zealand.

Revolutions and falls and rise of the monarchy

On August 1, 2012 Charlotte lost the crown of Uskor during the Winter Revolution which was a republican coup d'etat.
Charlotte upon realising that she had an opportunity to continue the improvement of her nation defected along with most of the Uskorian population to the republican side of Winter Revolution.
Charlotte served on the Uskorn National Transitional Council and until her election as President, she served as the Prime Minister of Uskor.
Charlotte regained her throne with the help of the Uskorian Security Services in an event known as the February Statskupp which deposed of the republic, she again lost her crown, this time voluntarily in the 2016 Red April Revolution being appointed as the first and only Chairwoman of the Council of State.
The Communist state and system within Uskor was over thrown when the Uskorian People convened an Allthing and democratically elected a new liberal constitution and voted Charlotte to be the new High Queen and as a Jarl.

Regencies and Health

During the years of 2019 and 2020 Charlotte has twice declared a regency due to ill health or hospitalisation.
The Longest of these regencies was in 2020 when Charlotte was hospitalised for a three to four-week period in a private hospital.

Personal life

High Queen Charlotte with her Guide Dog
Charlotte with her Guide Dog

Charlotte is a practicing Wiccan and in particular of the Saxon Wicca and Norse Wiccan traditions.
Charlotte is an Aboriginal and comes from the Aboriginal nations of Wemba Wemba and Guringai.
Charlotte is intensely interested in history, particularly that of the Viking Age, Celts, AngloSaxons, and the 20th century.
Charlotte is involved in Live Action Role Play and also Skis.
Charlotte is involved in two volunteer emergency services, one aimed at flood and storm response and the other at bushfire response.
Due to her severe vision impairment Charlotte requires the use of Guide Dog and sometimes a white cane, her guide dog Kellie is frequently seen guiding Charlotte in the community.

Titles, Styles and Honours of Charlotte of Uskor

Royal styles of
Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor
Reference styleHer Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleMa’am

Charlotte’s title has changed as she has held various offices however her current full title is:

  • Title as High Queen: Her Majesty the High Queen of Uskor, Imperatrix, Jarl of New Troms, Queen of Pentacles. (Norwegian: Hennes Majestet Overdronningen av Uskor, Keiserinne, Jarl av Ny-Troms, og Dronnigen av pentakel).
  • Title as civil person: The Right Honourable Chief Inspector-General, Chief Officer, Field Marshal Charlotte Katrinsdottir, High Queen’s Advocate Member of the Legislative Council, Minister for Civil Defence and National Ressilance, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Culture, Minister for Women, Chief Officer of the Fire Guard and Civil Defence Corps, and Chief of the Royal Guard.

Uskorian Honours

Foreign honours


  1. Held the post technically since February 2010, as she did not renounce it at that time (she later abdicated).