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Charlotte Lindstrom
(Charlotte Lindström)
portrait photograph
Queen of the Commonwealth of Uskor
Assumed office
June 16 2016
Prime Minister Claire Nymoria (current)
Predecessor Office Established
Successor N/A
Queen of Zealandia¹
In office
February 28 2010 - April 12 2016 (interrupted from August 1 2012 to February 16 2013)
Prime Minister Dylan Gronsson (last)
Robert Kennedy (first)
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office disestablished
Prime Minister of Zealandia
In office
August 1 - August 4 2012
Predecessor Mark Bobssen and Joseph Puglisi
Successor Joseph Puglisi
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Society, and Minister for State Security and Emergency Situations
Assumed office
December 28 2010
Chairperson of the Council of State herself
Predecessor Helen Bobsdoittur
Successor Incumbent
High Priestess of the Coven of the Moon and hammer
Assumed office
Late 2016
Predecessor Office established
Successor incumbent
Personal information
Born August, 1991
Sydney, New South Wales
Citizenship Uskorian.
Nationality Australian
Political party League of Communists
Other political
Australian Greens (until 2016)
Australian Labor Party (until 2014)
Residence Karl Marx Street 1, Tyrshavn, Denton
Alma mater People's University of Uskor
Occupation Student at the TAFE NSW and volunteer
Religion Coven of the Moon and Hammer

Charlotte Lindström (born August, 1991) is the monarch of Uskor.

Early life

Official portrait of Charlotte Lindstrom.
Born at Blacktown Hospital New South Wales Australia on August, 1991. The child of Katherine Lindström, she grew up in the city of the Blue Mountains, located within the state of New South Wales. Lindstrom's life changed at the age of 12, when she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a group of genetic eye conditions that leads to incurable blindness. As a consequence, she was declared "legally blind". It was from that point that Lindstrom’s determination first showed up, when she threw herself into sport.

Non-micronational politics

In 2006, Lindstrom began working for the Blue Mountains' Youth Council by recording a short film entitled “I can do what you can do". However, her political career officially started on August 2006, when she was nominated a Youth Councillor, representing the towns of Lapstone, Glenbrook and Blaxland (ward four). they where representative until November 2009. In late 2007, they joined the Australian Labor Party, Later on, she represented the electorate of Penrith at Youth Parliament of New South Wales .

In May 2010, following her forced relocation in New Zealand, she joined the local Labour Party with the view that whilst she was bound to remain politically independent within the Kingdom of Zealandia as a citizen of New Zealand she could have expressed political allegiance within that realm.
Politically, Lindstrom sees herself as an staunch Marxist-Leninist and Antifascist and held previous memberships in the Australian Labor Party and the NSW Greens.
Openly queer, Lindstrom has been engaged for the issue of LGBTQIA rights in Australia since 2012 and holds strong views on human rights and the protection of those rights and is possibly the first transgender head of state in modern times.

Micronational involvement

Lindstrom and Claire Nymoria sitting together in Guringaistadt.
On November 20, 2009, Lindstrom was forcibly moved to New Zealand by her father Mark Bobssen. She struggled with the effects of being forced overseas. In was only later, however, on February 28, 2010, that Lindstrom, and Robert Kennedy, founded the Kingdom of Zealandia after being inspired by the Republic of Molossia. Robert Kennedy was nominated First Minister, Since the very beginning, Lindström, declared Queen, has been campaigning for people with physical disabilities and their right to serve in the military.

In July 2012, Lindstrom moved to New South Wales again, this time to study at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), where she studied until 2016.

On March 19 2012 Lindström was elected as president of Zealandia an office she held until it was abolished.

Post Winter Revolution

On August 1 2012 Lindstrom lost the crown of Zealandia during the Winter Revolution which was a republican coup d'etat.

Lindstrom upon realising that she had an opportunity to continue the improvement of her nation defected along with most of the Zealandian population to the republican side of Winter Revolution.
Anna served on the Zealandian National Transitional Council and until her election as president was the Prime Minister of Zealandia.

Lindstrom regained her throne with the help of the Zealandian Security Services in an event known as the February Statskupp which deposed of the republic, she again lost her crown, this time voluntarily and happily in the 2016 Red April Revolution being appointed as the first Chairwoman of the Council of State

Post Red April

Since the Red April Revolution. Lindstrom has come to prominence as a Communist politician and leader, taking office as both a General of Uskor but also serving as Chairwoman of the Council of State of Uskor and editing the Uskorian Torch

Awards and decorations

Lindstrom as monarch is the commander and chief of the Zealandian Defence Force, held the rank of Marshal of Zealandia.
On October 19, Aldrich Lucas awarded Lindström the Vision for Yabloko Award for promoting peace and unity among the micronational world which Lindstrom later renounced. On January 10, 2010, she was made a Member of the Order of Optima by Jeremy Oakes. On June 9, 2011, she was awarded the ceremonial title of Marquis of March-upon-Forbes by Jeremy Oakes.

List of Major Honours

Personal life

Lindstrom has a younger sister Amanda. Lindstrom was often accompanied by a long tailed Manx cat called Socks until she returned to Sydney Australia to study at The University of New South Wales, where she studied International Relations. Regarding her legal blindness, she is reported to use a white cane instead of a guide dog.

Lindstrom is keenly interested in international politics, railways, rail history, militaria, and modern naval and military history.


Lindstrom holds citizenship in three different countries: Australia, New Zealand and Zealandia.


  • August 1991 - August 2006: Charlotte Lindström
  • August 2006 - November 20 2009: Youth Councillor Charlotte Lindström
  • March - July 2009: Youth Councillor Charlotte Lindström YMP (Member of the NSW Youth Parliament for Penrith)
  • November 20 - February 27, 2010: Charlotte Lindström
  • Present: Her Majesty Astrid, Queen of Zealandia, Grand Duchess of the Zealandians.

References and notes

  • ¹ held technically since February 2010 as she did not renounce it

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