Great Thing (Uskor)

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Great Thing

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The Great Thing (Norwegian: Stortinget) is a standing assembly of Uskorian citizens that has the power to amend the constitution of Uskor and it’s laws by the popular vote of the people present.
Based off the old Norse concept of the Things, the Great Thing or Storthing as it is sometimes referred to has played a significant role in modern Uskorian history.


The first proper popular constituted Great Thing or All Thing was held during the Glorious Revolution by pro-democracy figures such as the then future monarch of Uskor Charlotte Katrinsdottir.
It was at this first session of the Great Thing or All Thing as it was also called that a new democratic constitution was elected along with a High Queen, which heralded the collapse of the previous communist regime.
Following the passage of the liberal and democratic constitution, the Great Thing continued to meet and to amend the constitution and laws where the citizens deemed necessary.


Meetings of the Great Thing generally occur in a public place within Freyavik in the Hold of Ny-Troms and are held twice a year one meeting occurring during Eurovision and the other in August, however citizens can petition the Law Speaker who is the presiding officer to hold an extraordinary meeting, otherwise the Law Speaker may also convene an emergency or an extraordinary meeting of the Great Thing.
Weapons are forbidden within the meeting space of the Great Thing and thus a tradition has developed of a bucket at the entry to the meeting space where weapons may be stowed, this bucked it called the weapons bucket.

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