Juclandian parliamentary election, 2008

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Parliamentary elections were held in the Socialist Republic of Juclandia on 22 August 2008, one day before the country was planned to officially reform to Juclandia, at the time of the election, the name of Socialist Democratic State of Romania still being in place de jure. All 20 seats of the Great National Assembly were up for election.

Electoral system

The government considered three systems for the election: the proportional party-list one, the mixed-member proportional one and the ranked-pairs system. However, in the end, the proportional closed party-list system was chosen for it was the simplest one.


Party Votes % Seats
Communist Christian Democratic Ecologist Party
National Reform Party
43 40.2 9
Democratic Party 21 19.6 4
Liberal-Democratic Party 14 13.1 2
Conservative Party 11 10.3 2
National Liberal Party 7 6.5 1
National Peasants' Party 6 5.6 1
Ecologist Party of SDSR 5 4.7 1
Total 107 100 20
Registered voters/turnout 112 95.5
Source: Institute of History of the Juclandian Academy