Ovia Bogi

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Her Excellency
Sen. Ovia Bogi
President of Juclandia

Assumed office
1 November 2014
King Ciprian
Vice President Cocolino Jucărescu
Predecessor Gori Jucărescu
Personal information
Born May 2012 (naturalisation)
Political party Popular Unity Front
Residence Jucărești, Juclandia
Religion Secular Association of Juclandia

Ovia Bogi (naturalised May 2012) is a Juclandian politician and jurist who is currently serving as the third President of the Kingdom of Juclandia, being elected in August 2014 and sworn into office in November 2014, after having been kidnapped for more than 90 days in August-October 2014.

Ovia was elected President in the August 2014 election, narrowly defeating incumbent President Gori Jucărescu in the run-off. She was Juclandia's Deputy Prime Minister in Teddy Populescu's first cabinet, and embarked on a project of law harmonisation, helping create unitary legislation concerning co-operatives, the economy, the political system and the administrative divisions.

Presidential term

Personal life

Ovia Bogi has never been in a relationship, and she lived in a flat in the Royal Co-op's building in Jucărești from her naturalisation to her inauguration as President. When she became President, she moved into the Presidential Office of the Royal Palace in Jucărești.


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