Canton of North Llabdey

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Canton of North Llabdey
Kanton Nord-labdéis
Flag of Canton of North Llabdey
Je vive pour ce que j'aime (French)
(I live for that which I love)
Location of North Llabdey in relation to Buckinghamshire
Location of North Llabdey in relation to Buckinghamshire
Country Landashir
CapitalSycamore Booker, Landashir[1]
SubdivisionsUnitary state
 • TypeConstitutional collective republic
 • ExecutiveLandsmann
 • LegislativeSammleng
 • Total0.02 km2 (0.008 sq mi)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC0 (GMT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC1 (BST)
LanguagesEnglish, Francillish,

North Llabdey (Francillish: Nord-labdéi) is a district of the forested region of Llabdey and a former canton of Francisville. Whilst North Llabdey was part of the Francisville, it had the smallest population of any canton and was the second smallest geographically, New Scireland having less area. Since its departure from Francisville in 2014, North Llabdey has been subject to the jurisdiction of the Community of Landashir.


As part of Llabdey, the area fell under the cultural realm of the Francillish language. Therefore, the languages spoken primarily in the area were English and Francillish.

Once territory of Landashir, North Llabdey, with the rest of Llabdey and the nearby "Oak" field were collected into one political unit and became a Department of the Slinky Empyre. In January 2011, in response to unfair elections, the Department, then known as "Llabdey", left the Empyre and became a protected territory of the Community of Landashir. Later that year, the northern portion of Llabdey was split by James von Puchow, Premier of the Community of Landashir, and was given to the Kingdom of Zealandia as a new territory called "Royal North Llabdey"; due to political tensions in Zealandia at the time, however, the territory was 'gifted' back to Landashir after von Puchow stated that he no longer wanted to remain in such a "temperamental institution", referring to Zealandia and its political system.

As part of the June Convention, North Llabdey was given a new home within Francisville, demonstrating stable diplomatic relations between the neighbouring Community of Landashir and the Federal Republic of Francisville.

In June 2014, Landsmann James von Puchow declared that he had "grown tired of the lack of activity within the Federal Republic of Francisville ... [with no] intentions of investing my [his] time and efforts in the Federation.".[2] As a consequence, North Llabdey ceased to exist as a Canton as the Landsmann had been the only citizen resident in the region.[3]


The region has traditionally been part of the greater Llon-Llabdeic geographical area.

North Llabdey is situated on a steep hill surrounded by woodland, comprising mainly of beech and sycamore trees indigenous to the region. There are no water sources to be found in the area, and the only natural sources of food are wild berries.

Concerning the geology of the area, North Llabdey is located in the Chiltern Hills which is known for its large suppositories of chalk. Llabdey is on a ridge between the Seaford and Newhaven chalk formations.


The Sammleng was the legislative body of the canton, formed by an assembly of all citizens with full political rights. The assembly elected the Landsmann as the chair of the assembly and head of government of the canton. The office was held by James von Puchow. North Llabdey was a unitary state with no district level of government.

At federal level, the canton was represented by one deputy in the Federal Chamber.


The anthem of North Llabdey and Llabdey as a whole is the Francillish hymn, De Kleng vun alle guete Minsje. The song reflects the nature of the region whilst also exhibiting the local Francillish identity which is widespread in Llabdey.

The flag of North Llabdey is based on the Llabdein banner which consists of 2 stripes of different colour - blue on the top and green on the bottom which reflects the sky above and the foliage below. To differentiate the North Llabdein flag from this banner, a single white diamond is placed on the far left of the bisecting line between both colours. This is said to represent the direct democratic political structure which used to run the region during its time as a Canton of Francisville, as well as the chalk deposits in the soil of the area.


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