Ennerau, Francisville

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Burgh of Ennerau
Stadt Ennerau
Bridge in Ennearu marking the border with the United Kingdom, October 2010
Bridge in Ennearu marking the border with the United Kingdom, taken October 2010.
Flag of Burgh of Ennerau
Coat of arms of Burgh of Ennerau
Ennerau within Wasserbrueck
Ennerau within Wasserbrueck
Country Francisville
Canton Wasserbrueck
 • TypeMunicipality (2008-2012)
Burgh (2012-2014)
 • BodyEnnerau Town Council
 • Civic LeaderMayor (2008-2012)
Provost (2012-2014)
 • Total0.36 km2 (0.14 sq mi)
 • Total3
Time zoneGMT
 • Summer (DST)BST
LanguagesEnglish, Francillian, French

Ennerau (/enərau/) was a town in Francisville. Ennerau was a former municipality of the Duchy before later forming a burgh of the canton of Wasserbrueck in the Federal Republic. The burgh was known for its scenic imagery which featured in many depictions of Francillian life.


The region historically formed part of the ancestral estates of both Clan Davidson, and a cadet branch of the Clan Rose which disjointed from the principal branch during the 15th century.[1] A road bridge on the western border, constructed in 1774, is inscribed with a panel to the Davidson family as patrons of its construction. The territory is associated with a number of traditional 19th-century tunes evoking the ancestry of its landed families.[2][3]

The region was first claimed by the Duchy in January 2009. In April 2009, the territory of the Duchy was reconstituted to form the two municipalities of Kirkburgh and Ennerau. During the June Convention, the constituent cantons of the Federal Republic were determined by a consultative referendum held on 13–16 January 2012. Ennerau retained its original boundaries and formed a county status in the canton of Wasserbrueck. In September 2012, local government reforms in Wasserbrueck estalbished a unitary system of burghs. Ennerau was merged with the former county of Gréngefeld to form a single large burgh.


Francisville occupied a small area of land approximately 0.36 km² (0.14 mi²) in the Scottish Highlands. The territory was an enclave of the United Kingdom, separated from Scotland by a river boundary on the southern border and by a land border elsewhere. Its northern boundary neighboured Kirkburgh. Ennerau contained Wasserbrueck's lowest point, located in the river valley, at 64.4 metres (211.2 ft) above sea level. Land reserved for agricultural purposes constituted approximately 63.7% (0.63 km²) of all usable land within the burgh. Ennerau had extensive coniferous woodland and a large area of parklands and formal gardens covered the area to the east of Ennerau, extending into the former Holmebridge National Park. The National Park was a province of the Duchy administered directly by the central government. The National Park was dissolved in August 2012.

The territory was populated with diverse fauna including deer, red squirrels, pheasant, foxes and tawny owls. Residential settlements were concentrated in two small hamlets. One principal road and one farming road connected the north and south of the territory along its western and eastern borders respectively. These routes each connected to footbridges which marked the southern border with Scotland. An extensive network of footpaths provided access to the river valley and woodland areas.


Ennerau formed a municipality of the Democratic Duchy from April 2009 to August 2012. Municipal responsibilities included areas relevant to public works such as environmental protection, maintenance of footpaths, waste disposal, and foot-patrol policing. Ennerau was governed by a directly democratic town meeting which annually elected a mayor as the head of local government. Ennerau became a burgh of Wasserbrueck from August 2012, after which is continued to be governed by the directly democratic Ennerau Town Council. The Town Council elected a provost as its civic leader.

The headquarters of the Ennerau authorities were based in Holmewood house, Kirkburgh which acted as an exclave of the burgh for administrative purposes. Jane Bevin served as the only Mayor of Ennerau (April 2009 - August 2012) and later as Provost (August 2012 - November 2014) of Ennerau.


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