Federal Community (Francisville)

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Francillian Federal Community
Francillian: Federalsgeméng
'Federal Assembly'
Legislature Abolished
CoA Francisville.png
TypeDirect democratic legislative assembly of the citizens and cantons.
Federal PresidentSebastian Linden, Liberty Union
since 7 October 2012 (at dissolution)
Federal ConvenerJames Stewart, Liberty Union
since 7 October 2012 (at dissolution)
MembersCitizens of Francisville convened in cantonal associations.
Democratic Inclusion
Legal Affairs
Public Petitions

The Federal Community (Francillian: Federalsgeméng, literally Federal Assembly) was the convention of the citizens and cantons of the Federal Republic of Francisville under federal legislative process. Francisville operated under a distinctive form of direct democracy where the deliberation and drafting of legislation was conducted by an elected assembly, the Federal Chamber, and legislative ascent was granted by the entire citizenry through direct democracy. Every citizen in enjoyment of full political rights was entitled to be a member of the Federal Community and thereby vote on federal legislation. The Federal Community was the general federal convention of all citizens for this process, convened according to cantonal citizenship. Proposed statutes required a double majority in the Federal Community to become law, requiring the support of the majority of participating voters within the majority of participating cantons.


Legislative process

Federal Chamber

Federal Community


Federal Convener


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