2013 Francisville federal election

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Francillian Federal Election, 2013

← 2012 5–7 July 2013

All seats in the Federal Council and the Federal Chamber
  First party Second party
Leader Sebastian Linden James von Puchow
Party Liberty Union (Francisville) Social Democratic Alliance (Francisville)
Leader since 14 March 2013 25 August 2012
Leader's seat Rudno North Llabdey
Seats before 1 (FC) / 3 (FD) 1 (FC) / 1 (FD)
Seats won 2 (FC) / 2 (FD) 1 (FC) / 1 (FD)
Seat change 1 (FC) /
1 (FD)
Steady 0 (FC) /
Steady 0 (FD)
FPV Total 8 (FC) / 6 (FD) 2 (FC) / 1 (FD)
FPV % 80.0% (FC) / 60.0% (FD) 20.0% (FC) / 10.0% (FD)
FPV Swing 40.0% (FC) /
6.6% (FD)
Steady 0.0% (FC) /
6.7% (FD)

Federal Council before election

Cameron Falby (Ind)
Sebastian Linden (LU)
James von Puchow (SDA)

Elected Federal Council

Sebastian Linden (LU)
James Stewart (LU)
James von Puchow (SDA)

The Francillian federal elections, 2013 took place from 5–7 July 2013 to elect the institutions of the Francillian Federal Government. The results were announced on 7 July and the government handover took place on 8 July, with Sebastian Linden elected at the President of Francisville. It was the last election to take place before the dissolution of Francisville on 8 November 2014.


The first elections to the Federal Council and Federal Chamber were held from 28 September to 6 October 2012, with James von Puchow, Cameron Falby, and Sebastian Linden becoming the inaugural Federal Councillors. James von Puchow was elected as the first Federal President. The first Council and Chamber were dissolved early by the Federal Chamber in June 2013. The second federal elections were subsequently called to take place on 5–7 July 2013.

Key issues

Francisville suffered from period inactivity throughout the era of the Federal Republic. Sebastian Linden explicitly raised the concern during a meeting of the Federal Council in April 2013. James von Puchow had also noted his intent to stand down from his role as President during the next term. The electoral campaign focused on means to reinvigorate the activity of the federal authorities.

Federal Council election

The Federal Council was elected for a term of one year by means of the single transferable vote from a single national list. The size of the Federal Council varied according to the size of the population consisting of a minimum of three Councillors, rising to five for a population higher than twenty-five and seven for a population higher than forty. Three Councillors were elected in the 2013 election.

Ballot results

Candidate FPV % Result Round Total
Cameron Falby 0 0 Defeated Round 1 0
Sebastian Linden 4 40 Elected Round 1 4
Adam Newburgh 0 0 Defeated Round 1 0
James von Puchow 2 20 Elected Round 2 2
James Stewart 4 40 Elected Round 1 4

List of Councillors

Picture Name Party Canton Executive Department
1 Sebastian Linden Liberty Union Rudno President of the Federal Council

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Defense

2 James von Puchow
(Served until 3 June 2014)
Social Democratic Alliance North Llabdey Federal Department of Justice, Social Affairs and Citizenship
3 James Stewart Liberty Union Wasserbrueck Federal Department of Technology, Finance and Administration

Federal Chamber election

The Federal Chamber was comprised of representatives, known as Federal Deputies, elected from each canton according to its population. Each canton was entitled to elect at least one Deputy, thereafter receiving an additional Deputy for every five citizens. This apportionment resulted in five seats in the 2013 election; New Scireland (1 seat), North Llabdey (1 seat), Rudno (1 seat), Wasserbrueck (2 seats). The Chamber was elected by means of the single transferable vote with each canton functioning as a single electoral district.

Party results

Party Results by Canton Total seats
FPV % Seats FPV % Seats FPV % Seats FPV % Seats Seats %
Liberty Union 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 100 1 4 66.7 1 2 40
Social Democratic Alliance 0 0 0 1 100 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 20
Independent 1 100 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 37.5 1 2 40
Total 1 1 1 2 5

List of Deputies

Party Name Canton Notes
Independent Cameron Falby New Scireland
Liberty Union Sebastian Linden Rudno
Independent Adam Newburgh Wasserbrueck
Social Democratic Alliance James von Puchow North Llabdey Served until 3 June 2014
Liberty Union James Stewart Wasserbrueck President of the Federal Chamber

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