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The Peerage of Francisville comprises titles of nobility which were granted by the Grand Duke during the existence of the Democratic Duchy of Francisville between 2009 and 2011. The creation of Peerages was entirely at the discretion of the Grand Duke as established by "Article 33" of the 4th Constitution of Francisville, adopted on 15 May 2009.[1] The creation of such titles ended with the abolition of the monarchy and the subsequent evolution of the state into the Federal Republic of Francisville.

Legal status

The Democratic Duchy of Francisville and the monarchy were formally abolished by the enactment of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Francisville on 16 August 2012. As a republic, the state therefore no longer bestowed or recognized the political status of titles of nobility. Despite this change in legal situation, the Federal Republic did not revoke previously bestowed titles or require holders to refrain from using them as a matter of law. Similarly to the situation in the Federal Republic of Germany, the holding of such titles became a matter of private law and customary recognition. This meant that the Supreme Court of Francisville could theoretically rule upon the matter of Peerages as a matter of civil law but no such situation ever emerged during the nation's existence. Holders remain free to use their titles of Peerage as matters of personal possession.

Ranks and structure

The ranks of peerage within Francisville in descending order of seniority were the Grand Duke followed by associated Royal Dukedoms, Duke, Earl, and Baron. In accordance with the culture arising from the Duchy's status as an elective monarchy, the Peerage of Francisville consisted entirely of non-hereditary titles which were bestowed upon individuals either as a matter of establishing crown representation or in recognition for personal achievements. A peerage of any rank could hold one of the following three types of status:

  •   Royal: Peerages which were associated directly with the Monarchy of Francisville.
    • In addition to the incumbent Grand Duke/Duchess, the Peerage also recognized the unusual title of Grand Duke Emeritus for former holders of the crown who had vacated the office through abdication or political change. Since the abolition of the monarchy, James Stewart has continued to adopt the convention of using the title of Grand Duke Emeritus within his styles and titles.
    • The title of Duke/Duchess of Francisville was reserved for the official consort of the Grand Duke/Duchess. Given that James I had no official consort during his sole reign over the Democratic Duchy of Francisville, no such title was ever bestowed.
  •   Titular: (alternatively known as territorial) Peerages which were directly associated with a territorial locale over which the title was held. The title holder was therefore known as the Duke/Earl/Baron of [Place]. Titular Peerages afforded the holder no formal political power within the territory but rather established them as the principal representative of the crown within their region, fulfilling many of the functions which would be carried out by a Lord-lieutenant.
  •   Honorary: Peerages established without any territorial association but granted merely as a personal honour for the title holder. On account of the title of Duke/Duchess of Francisville being reserved to the official consort, only the titles of Earl or Baron of Francisville could be bestowed on this honorary basis. The structure of these titles represented the honour bestowed by the whole nation upon their person.

List of Peerages

Order Title List of title holders Notes
Grand Duke of Francisville
1 Grand Duke H.G. James I, Grand Duke of Francisville (2008-2011)
2 Grand Duke Emeritus Lord James Stewart, Grand Duke Emeritus of Francisville (2011-Present) Adopted by former holders of the title of Grand Duke/Duchess following abdication.
Dukedoms of Francisville
3 Duke of Francisville No title bestowed The honorary title of Duke/Duchess of Francisville was reserved for the official consort of the Grand Duke/Duchess.
4 Dukedom of Kirkburgh H.G. James Stewart, 1st Duke of Kirkburgh
5 Dukedom of Woodlands H.G. Jane Bevin, 1st Duchess of Woodlands
Earldoms of Francisville
6 Earldom of Ennerau & Holmewood Lord James Stewart, 1st Earl of Ennerau & Holmewood
7 Earldom of Dalcross

Lord Jeremy Abrahams, Earl of Dalcross

8 Earl of Francisville

Baronies of Francisville

9 Baron of Francisville


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