Federal Council of Francisville

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Federal Council of Francisville
Francillian: Federalsrot
CoA Francisville.png
Office Abolished

since June 2014
Style The Honorable
Residence Kirkburgh House, Wasserbrueck
Appointer Federal Community
as Legislature
Term length One year
Inaugural holder Cameron Falby
Sebastian Linden
James von Puchow
Formation 2012
Final holder Sebastian Linden
James Stewart
James von Puchow
Abolished 2014
Succession Office Abolished

The Federal Council (Francillian: den Federalsrot, German: der Bundesrat, French: la Conseil fédérale) was the multi-member college which constituted the supreme executive organ of the Federal Republic of Francisville and served as its collective head of state.

Francisville was governed through a directorial system where the members of the Federal Council shared collective responsibility with no separation of head of state and head of government. The President of Francisville served as the presiding member of the council.


The Federal Council was established under the 2011 constitution as the "highest executive authority of the Federation"[1]. The collegiate model was chosen over a parliamentary system with a ceremonial presidency which was seen as the only viable alternative. The first election of the Federal Council was held in September 2011, with James von Puchow, Cameron Falby, and Sebastian Linden becoming the inaugural Federal Councillors. James von Puchow was elected as the first Federal President.


Picture Name Party Canton Function
1 Noflag.png Cameron Falby Independent New Scireland Head of the Federal Department of Justice, Social Affairs and Citizenship
2 JamesvonPuchowSBFence.jpg James von Puchow Social Democratic Alliance North Llabdey President of Francisville

Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Defense

3 ProprietorSebPortrait.jpg Sebastian Linden Liberty Union Rudno Head of the Federal Department of Technology, Finance and Administration

Function and Organisation


Main article: President of Francisville

Council meetings




Latest results

Candidate FPV  % Result Round Total
Cameron Falby 2 40 Elected Round 1 2
Sebastian Linden 2 40 Elected Round 1 2
James von Puchow 1 20 Elected Round 3 1
James Stewart 0 0 Defeated Round 2 0
Andrew Newton 0 0 Defeated Round 1 0

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