The Francillian

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The Francillian
Front page of the Francillian from February 2012
EditorJames Stewart
Sebastian Linden
Political alignmentCentre-left
HeadquartersKirkburgh, Francisville

The Francillian was an online national newspaper in Francisville. Founded in August 2009, the newspaper was an important contributor in the Microwiki community as part of the DDFmedia group before it ceased publishing in 2010. The publication was relaunched in late 2011 by James Stewart, becoming Francisville's primary English language news source. The newspaper had a respectable reputation and its stance was considered politically left of centre.


The Francillian published printed copies throughout August 2009 before DDFmedia ceased printed publication to develop ideas for the continuation of the service. In January 2009, it was announced that The Francillian would run as a purely online newspaper due to decrease in demand for the printed service. The newspaper published exclusively in English.


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