Grand Duke of Francisville

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Grand Duke of Francisville
Former Monarchy
Francisville crest.png
Crest of Francisville
Last Monarch:
James I

Style His Grace
First monarch James I
Last monarch James I
Official residence Kirkburgh House, Francisville
Appointer Elective
Monarchy started 28 November 2008
Monarchy ended 3 June 2011

The Grand Duke of Francisville (French: le grand-duc de Francisville, Francillian: Groussherzueg vu Frankestädt) was the sovereign monarch and head of state of the Democratic Duchy of Francisville. Francisville was a grand duchy from 2009 until 2011. There was only one Grand Duke, James I.


Francisville was founded in 2008 as a highly centralized elective monarchy where Archduke of Francisville served as the Head of State. The title of Grand Duke was reserved for a head of state who had been decorated with national honours. The Archduke had the right of absolute rule if the population fell below 35 people. The title was changed to the Grand Duke or Grand Duchess in Junuary 2009. The absolute royal prerogative was abolished by the May 2009 constitution and Francisville became a constitutional monarchy with an elected legislature - the Chamber of Deputies, and executive - the First Minister of Francisville. The Duchy were disestablished following a referendum in June 2011 and the monarchy along with it.

Constitutional role

The Grand Duke was a figurehead who was seen as the symbol of national unity and a guarantor of sovereignty. In addition, the Grand Duke/Grand Duchess was delegated a number of administrative responsibilities. The Constitution defined the Grand Duke's position:

The Head of State is referred to as the Grand- Duke or Grand- Duchess. - The Head of State remains in power until their death or abdication. - If they wish, the Head of state may appoint a Council of State of up to five members as their advisory body. - The Head of State has power of land and local authority as described in articles six and seven.

—Constitution of Francisville: Articles 28, 31, 35 and 38

The Grand Duke was responsible for representing Francisville internationally. He also served continuously as the Duchy's primary delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational. Additionally, the Grand Duke was Chief of Staff of the Ducal Defence Force. The office was not subject to hereditary succession. Instead, the successor was elected by popular vote.

Style and Standard

A Grand Ducal standard was introduced in May 2009. Nevertheless, the national flag was more commonly used to represent the office. His/Her Grace was the commonly accepted style of the monarch but often no honorific was used at all.

Standard of the Grand Duke of Francisville

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