2021 Aenderian presidential election

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2021 Aenderian presidential election, May 2021

← March 2021 May 8–9, 2021
Calvin White Face.jpeg
Candidate Julia Hidalgo Henry Goebbels Calvin White
Party Liberal National Rightist front National Populism
Home state Cyntell White Island White Island
Running mate Maximilian Schroeder Totenkopf Dwight David Eisenhower
Popular vote 6 6 4
Percentage 37.5% 37.5% 25.0%

President before election

Matthew Laptev

Elected President

Calvin White

The 2021 Aenderian Presidential Election will be held on May 8, 2021. Various candidates have signed up to fill the open seat of President as President Laptev is not running for another term. The election ended up in a tie between Hidalgo and Goebbels. Later, a runoff was held, declaring Goebbels as the winner with 55% of votes. However, Calvin White has filed a lawsuit against the government, alleging that Goebbels illegally appeared on the ballot because Goebbels should not have been allowed to re-apply for citizenship since he did not receive a minimum sentence for his crime and also cited that the runoff election was unconstitutional because it did not follow constitutional protocol. Eventually, after White's lawsuit failed in Aenderia's judicial system, the people of Aenderia began to protest against the election and had set up a de facto provisional government, refusing to recognize the Nazi's authority over Aenderia. However, the provisional government failed to write a constitution and hold free elections, which led to turmoil. Eventually, Meister coordinated with the de facto Ministry of Justice to coup the provisional President- Calvin White- and led to increased turmoil and instability. Eventually, the provisional government reached a deal in which Aenderia would cease to exist and would be split up and renamed according to each individual.


President Laptev had announced he would be running for another term, which allowed multiple parties to eye the position and seek after the Presidency. President Laptev was seen as unpopular towards the end of his term due to various issues within Aenderia, such as inefficiently handling the removal of far right hate groups with Lokin, and severe inactivity in the House of Commons.

Multiple candidates had signed up to run for President:

Julia Hidalgo

Initially, Maximillian von Meister was on the Liberal party's ticket alongside Nicholas Lokin, but eventually the ticket was switched to Julia Hidalgo with Meister after Meister was unable to run due to being Head of State in another micronation. The Liberal party's campaign focus is to highlight and fix the failures of Laptev's administration and the Aenderia Reform Bloc, but has drawn criticism from the National Populism party for lack of a plan. Hidalgo has been observed to not campaign as much as her running mate, Meister. Meister had criticized the National Populists for their socially conservative stance, anti-trans policies, and alleged simulationist policies. The Liberal party also attacked the NRF for their far-right agenda and expulsion of all non-white peoples from Aenderia. However, the Liberal party's focus remained around the failures of the Laptev administration.

After attacks by Calvin White alleging that the Liberals had no plan, Meister announced his plans, which included redrawing the Aenderian constitution, create new advertising effort, expand Aenderia's territories, expand the power of the House of Commons, expand advertising capabilities, and regain Aenderia's lost land. However, this led to more criticism by the National Populism party and even the Aenderian Reform Bloc. The National Populist party criticized Meister because his plan is "... no direct plan for the people of Aenderia, rather the economic interests of the nation..." [1] The Aenderian Reform Bloc criticized Meister for his plan to expand the House of Common's power.[2]

Calvin White

Calvin White announced his campaign on April 28, 2021. He later announced David Dwight Eisenhower as his running mate a week later. Calvin White has been continually campaigning around Aenderia. Calvin White had not openly criticized the Laptev administration like the Liberals did, but had been vocal about his plans for "Aenderian reconstruction" by proposing sets of legislation dubbed the "Aenderian New Deal." Some party of that legislation includes: a custom cryto-based currency system, creation of sin taxes on tobacco and pornography, and legislation to subsidize and create private businesses in Aenderia, particularly in e-commerce. White was also vocal of various social policies, such as the banishment of critical race theory and gender identity teaching in public schools and an outright ban on gender replacement therapy hormones, citing side effects and bodily harm as well as inefficacy.[3]

Calvin White also alleges that the Liberal party doesn't prioritize the interests of the people, but for the interests of themselves and "...the same micronational identity to gain clout within the confines of the "'community.'" White also repeatedly made attacks towards the Liberals' plan to rewrite the Aenderian constitution, claiming that rewriting the constitution would be a power grab for Meister since Meister is not allowed to become President due to a clause in the Aenderian constitution which prevented him from running. Meister responded by stating he is intending to remove that clause if his party were to be elected.

On May 5, 2021, Calvin White drew criticism by the Liberal party for allegedly using the death of former President Nicholas Randouler as campaign material, in which White stated he wants to create a national holiday to honor Randouler's contributions to Aenderia. Calvin White responded by stating that it wasn't his original intent and that he would want that holiday created under any circumstance, whether or not he would be President or not, but later apologized, stating that it was a "bad take," yet remained firm on his intention to create a national holiday in honor of Randouler.

Henry Goebbels

Declared Candidates

Name Experience State Party (if applicable) Running mate Campaign announcement date
Julia Hidalgo
  • Member of Aenderian House of Commons
  • Advisor to the President
  • Government Minister
Cyntell Flag.png
Liberal Party Maximillian von Meister April 28, 2021
Calvin White Member of Aenderian House of Commons White Island National Populism Party David Dwight Eisenhower April 22, 2021
Henry Goebbels Former member of Aenderian House of Commons White Island National Rightist Party Totenkapf April 24, 2021

Other Candidates

  • actualfurfag9001

Denied Candidates

  • Leon Montan - Unable to run due to being head of state in another micronation.
  • Maximillian von Meister - Unable to run due to being head of state in another micronation.
  • Cole Baird - Unable to run due to being head of state in another micronation.


Campaign Posters

Each of the candidates has made individual campaign posters.

Calvin White / Dwight Eisenhower campaign poster.



On May 9, 2021, Calvin White filed a lawsuit against the Aenderian government, citing that Goebbels illegally appeared on the ballot. Goebbels was banned from the Aenderia discord server weeks prior but rejoined under an alternate account due to repeated termination by discord. White alleges that Goebbels's presence on the ballot is illegal because Goebbels should not have citizenship. White announced he was seeking a revote with Goebbels off the ballot.

Runoff Election controversy

A runoff election was declared following the tie between the Liberals and the National Rightists. The runoff election was put under scrutiny after Calvin White filed a lawsuit against the government for allegedly holding an unconstitutional runoff election. Under the constitution of Aenderia, parties were meant to create coalitions during a 1-week minimum period to decide the outcome of the election. The runoff election still proceeded and declared Goebbels the winner, triggering outcry from both Liberal and National Populism parties, whom banded together to form a coalition to form a government per the constitution.