December 2020 Humberlean election

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The Humberlean December 2020 Election is a election that happened in the Kingdom of Humberlea, voting in the election started at 10:30 PM EST on November 30th and ended at 10:30 PM EST on December 1st, 2020.


Parliament before the election.

The election is was expected to result in a Independent minority or majority, at the time it was not known the Humberlean Conservative League would have been formed.


Election map during the middle of the election.

Late near the end of the election Isiah Burdette announced he was splitting off from the NHF party and creating the Conservative League of Humberlea, which was based off of the Matachewan Conservative League, Charles Slocum decided to join the party, this resulted in the possibility of a independent majority being destroyed.

Name Party Election Points Global or Local New or Re-Elect Elected to Office
Alexander Maple Independent 50 Local New Yes
Charles Madgett Independent 34 Global New No
Charles Slocum Independent (Conservative League) 36 Global New Yes
Destin E. Rallis Independent 28 Global New No
Isaiah Burdette Nationalist Humberlean Front (Conservative League) 38 Global New Yes
Johannes Tyurukstein Nationalist Humberlean Front 35 Global Re-Elect Yes
Matthew Xia Progressive-Monarchist Party 45 Global Re-Elect Yes
Phillip Johnnasan Progressive-Monarchist Party 53 Local Re-Elect Yes

Electoral Districts
Name Expected Winner Called at Winner Citizens Citizen Turnout
Emery West PMP December 1st 2020, 8:29 PM EST Independents (33%) 9 55%
Emery East Independents December 1st 2020, 12:15 AM EST Independents (33%) 3 33%
Mierzwa Town Independents 0 Votes 3 0%
Humbermede Independents December 1st 2020 2:05 PM EST Independents (40%) 5 40%
Fort Madison PMP December 1st 2020, 12:15 AM EST PMP (33%) 5 33%
Van Baldwin NHF 0 Votes 7 0%
Globals Independents December 1st 2020, 10:30 PM EST Independents (9%) 31 19%
Total Independents December 1st 2020, 10:30 PM EST Independents (12%) 65 23%

Impact and Results

Independents (-1)

Status: Governing Party

Parliament after the election.

After the election, the independents lost a seat to the Conservative League which meant they had lost their minorities and all independents but Alexander Maple were governors.

Name Global or Local New or Returning Governor or Elected
Alexander Maple Local New Elected
Leaf O'reo Local Returning Governor
Stanley Kenny Colonist Local Returning Governor

Progressive-Monarchists (0)

Status: Official Opposition

With keeping the same amount of seats, this election did not effect the Progressive Monarchists that much aside from the other parties effecting who they would side with. However it is expected the next election will majorly effect them with Beau Alexandria announcing she isn't running for re-election.

Name Global or Local New or Returning Governor or Elected
Matthew Xia Global Returning Elected
Phillip Johnnasan Local Returning Elected
Phillip Johnnasan Local Returning Governor

Nationalist Humberlean Front (-1)

Status: Minor Party

With losing a seat to the newly created Conservative League, the NHF now only has one seat (excluding the speaker), this indicates that the NHF is near the end, not to mention the losing of the seat makes it nearly agreed upon by all citizens the NHF is no longer a major Humberlean party.

Name Global or Local New or Returning Governor or Elected
Johannes Tyurukstein Global Re-Elect Elected

Conservative League (+2)

Status: Minor Party

Being formed during the election, the new party quickly gained 2 seats, taking one from both the independents and NHF, it is not known what direction the Conservative League will be taking by the next election but whatever it is, it will majorly effect Humberlean politics.

Name Global or Local New or Returning Governor or Elected
Charles Slocum Global New Elected9
Isaiah Burdette Global New Elected