Democratic Republic of Nottingham

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The Democratic Republic of Nottingham, formerly the Nottingham Empire is a micronation in the DFW Area in Teas. It is led by President Warren. It was founded on March 20th, 2020 as a continuation of the Nottingham Empire.


  • State of Avondale Park
  • State of Shueltz
  • Sweetleaf State
  • Wilson State


Origins (2012–September 2018)

In 2012 the Sweetleaf Kingdom was founded and on June 20, 2018 the Second Constitution was signed. After the Sweetleaf Civil War, the Third Constitution was signed. On September 15, 2018 its name was changed to the Nottingham Empire, with the annexation of Avondale Park, Shueltz Park, and Cooper Creek.

Trial of Princess Isabelle

On October 5, 2018 Princess Isabelle was tried and convicted of attempted murder of Lionel the Stuffed Bear . She was sentenced to 20 minutes in the Closet Prison. This was the first trial in the history of the Nottingham Imperial Court.

Parliament meeting

The Second Meeting of the Nottingham Parliament opened at 7:05 PM central time, November 4, 2018. In this meeting, the Taxation Act was signed by the parliament, putting a 1 cent tax on all items purchased and 25 cents when you leave the door open. In this meeting the parliament also passed a act saying that piano, guitar, and clarinet were the new national instruments, doing this they became the only micronation to have three national instruments. To commemorate this day the Nottinghamer government have created a new national holiday: Instrument Day.

Ikonian and Duschvarian conflict

On November 19, 2018 the Kingdom of Ikonia began a campaign to eradicate the Nottingham Monarchy and convert Nottingham Woods to Advidisim, and created a page called Avidist Party of Nottingham. The Nottingham Empire is okay with avidism but just as a reminder the Nottingham Empire will always have a monarch. On November 19, 2018 the governments of Nottingham and Ikonia held the Ikonian-Nottinghamer Summit of 2018, In which the two leaders discussed Ikonia and Duschvaria's war plan against Nottingham's ally: the Universal Chat. The Nottingham Empire left the alliance with the Universal Chat and joined the Concordat of Micronational Leagues.

Concordance-Unimen War

The Nottingham Empire, Ikonia, and Duschvaria issued a joint declaration of war on the Universal Chat on November 21, 2018. On November 23, 2018, the war was over with the Concordance winning and the Universal Chat being abolished. On November 25, 2018 the Nottinghamer Government recognized the peaceful resolution between the Concordat and the Universal Chat.

Post War

On November 30, 2018 the Nottingham Empire announced it would be holding the First Nottingham Imperial Games, the list of games is here: Soccer, Basketball, Capture the Flag, and Tag. The Nottingham Empire has ofically announced that it would begin construction on the N.I.S Avondale which will be launched on December 2, 2018. On December 9, 2018 Luke I became the new Emperor, after John III's abdication and made the Nottingham Empire an absolute monarchy, his coronation took place on December 11, 2018. The Nottingham Parliament met for it's March and Janurary meeting.

Diamond Age

The Nottingham Empire created 3 new colonies: Crescent Colony, South Colony, and Ranlett Colony. The Nottingham Empire went to war with Nirfo in the April War which was a Nottingham Defeat. The Nottingham Empire, as a result became more centralized. On May 23, 2019 the Nottingham Empire went to war the Viper Empire in the Wilson colony. In July the parliament held its 8th meeting, creating a Ministry of Public Affairs, and devolved the provincial governments. On July 21st, Stinocolus became a Nottingham Dominion, crowning Luke its Emperor.

Imperial Era and The NSE

On August 2, 2019, Nottingham created a union with Stinocolus and became one of the leading MicroFandom nations. On September 25, 2019, Emperor Luke went on a hiatus and dissolved the NSE after Max's actions in the micronational community. The October Restoration was the reformation of the NSE and return to micronationalisim by Emperor Luke.

3 Weeks Republic

In the second week of October, Nottingham declared independence from Stinocolus and formed a successful republic. Max of Stinocolus refused to withdraw his claims and declared a civil war. The Republic dissolved after the President resigned after losing support of congress.

The Imperial Reformation

On November 2nd, Luke Warren proclaimed a new Nottingham Empire and began enforcing the Constitution of the Year MMXIX. On November 10th, Nottingham built the Autumn Tower and dedicated it at 3 PM CST. The Emperor announced that the 11th Parliament meeting would take place on December 17th. Nottingham creates the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Management. A freeze and wind warning is issused in accordance with Imperial Decree 72 and a wind storm caused by the Great Cold of 2019 causes substantial damage to the newly built Autumn Tower. All fracking and oil drilling on Nottingham territory is suspended and condemned. Nottingham creates Business Creation Forms and Civil Filling Guidelines for Nottingham Residents and Honorary Citizens.

Period of Normalcy

10 state-owned businesses are created and Nottingham begins industrialization. The Emperor orders a parliament meeting to take place in December, followed by the 2020 Nottingham General Elections for Parliament. Nottingham begins expansion and offers anyone who can contribute land for provinces, they are granted citizenship and the title of Governor, along with all residents of that land becoming full Nottingham citizens. The Emperor appoints the Princess Imperial Minister of Culture and Commerce, and announces the agenda for the parliament and holds a cabinet meeting, approving construction of a monument to soldiers who fought in the 2018-19 Colonial Wars. The Equality Act, Zero Waste Act, and Business Act are introduced into the 11th Parliament and a placed on the schedule for the December parliament meeting, A national anthem is composed, without lyrics. The viola is proposed as imperial instrument. Celebrations for Emperor Luke’s silver jubilee are planned to take place during the state opening of parliament on December 13th. Emperor Luke I ascended to the throne on December 11th and his reign has been the longest and most successful. He ascended to the throne when Emperor John III issued an instrument of abdication after his 6 month reign which was mainly ceremonial, with the Prime Minister, Future Emperor Luke holding much executive power. Emperor Luke I has had a bridge, road, tree and field named after him. He commissioned the second tallest structure in Nottingham, drafting every constitution and co-authored the original Declaration of Independence with Lady Abigail Spears. He also enacted many reforms, signed the human rights act, created ministries, successfully won 4 wars, oversaw 2 unions, and framed the Nottingham Empire. The 9th Parliament Session convenes after a short state opening by the emperor, 8 parliament resolutions are passed and signed by the Emperor, including the Zero Waste Act and Equality Act. Emperor Luke is crowned Emperor in a short ceremony in the Throne Room at Autumn Palace, he takes the Regnal Name: John IV. The Ministry of Justice indicts Max Stenner of Stinocolus for High Treason, and announces that court proceedings will be formally initiated after the charges are formally unsealed before Cabinet and the indictment is formally announced to the Supreme Court and public through a Joint Statement by the Government of Nottingham. The Imperial Senate is formed when the Emperor decreed creation of an imperial senate to recommend legislation and advise the Emperor. The Emperor schedules a visit to Avondale Province, where he plans to select a site for a bridge across the Great Creek of Nottingham. The Nottingham Empire announces that Hanukkah festivites will begin on Sunday the 22nd. The 2020 General Election ends with a Democratic Socialist majority and a Green Party defeat. Scott Warren of the Democratic Socialist Party became Prime Minister on January 5th. The VII Constitution is drafted and signed, ending the 6th Constitution Era. Peace negotiations with the Empire of Stinocolus begin, as the Nottingham-Stinocolus Dispute ended with the Armstice of 2019 in November. The next meeting of parliament is scheduled for February 7th. Peace negotiations end with Stinocolus, with a Treaty of Stevenshous and Nottingham City being signed, removing Stinocolun claims and ending the state of war that has existed with Stincolus since October 2019. The Citizen and Land Recruitment Agency(CLRA) is authorized by the Emperor, with the Recruitment and Online Recruitment program beginning 1/12/19. Email if you are interested in administering a province of Nottingham and becoming an MP. The Great Snow of 2020 happens, with all Nottingham provinces having snow accumulate to 3 inches, the first snow in 5 years

The Boring Era

During the end of January, Luke I recruited 14 people for the Imperial Army, and took over command of the Army, allocated funds to pay soldiers and granted 5 different commands, including appointing Liam Taylor to the position of Colonel. On February 4th, the Nottingham Imperial Army engaged in a skirmish at Wilson Province. 4 members of a tribal group in Wilson Province, attacked a regiment during a training excersize. The Army successfully subdued the Leader of said group and the Emperor forced the Leader of the group, Noah, to retreat into the US. This sparked a small-scale war, with parliament meeting on February 6th to authorize a conflict. The group, named the Golden Vipers, recruited a soldier to send information. This was discovered after she took a regiment hostage during a training excersize. She attempted to escape but was successfully subdued and held at the Schueltz Military Prison. She was tried and convicted of Espionage. All 3 Army regiments retaliated by attacking and crushing a force of 10 tribal soldiers at the Battle of Schueltz, and the Leader was detained at the Military Prison. He bargained a release in return for peace, which was declared by the Emperor on March 3rd. A 3 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in a town 23 miles away from Nottingham, causing a Public Health Emergency to be declared.

The Democratic Era

On March 20th, the Nottingham Empire was transformed into a Democratic Republic by declaration of the Provisional Congress of Deputies. The Democratic Republic of Nottingham held a controversial presidential election where Luke Warren of the Independent-Liberal Party won by a single vote against Goblin Messiah of the Communist Party. This results in a supreme court case and a halted recount leading to Goblin's exit from Nottingham. On April 4th, Nottingham joined the North American Commonwealth.


The Congress of Deputies acts as the main legislature of Nottingham. It is an open parliament, with all citizens serving as Deputies from their provinces

The President acts as chief executive. The current President is Luke Warren, Independent-Liberal

The current constitution is the Constitution of the Republic

Law and Order

The Supreme Court is the main court for all judicial matters`.

A security force of 4 is maintained by the Defense Department


The Nottingham Armed Forces is made up of a Navy and a Volunteer Army, equipped with 3 rafts, 3 baseball bats, 7 knives, a sword, and a bludgeoning stick. There are currently over 20 active members, majority of them physically serving.


Day Event
January 1 New Years Day
February 14 Valentines Day
March 26 John III Day
April 1 Easter
April 13 Independence Day
May 24 Kristen I Day
September 5 Labor Day
October 5 Princess Isabelle Day
November 4 Instrument Day
November 22 Thanksgiving Day
December 4 Nottingham Feast
December 25 Christmas Day
December 31 New Years Eve
November 23 Victory Day


The Democratic Republic of Nottingham has diplomatic relations with many countries such as New Eiffel, Tipidia, Caddia, etc. The DRN is a founding member of the New York Alliance.

Political Parties

Name Logo Ideology Members
Independent-Liberal Party of the DRN Liberalism President
Communist Party Communisim No data
Avidist Party of Nottingham
Avidism No data


Nottingham maintains 1 school, A post office, 1 café, a bank, library, clay-digging business, lawn care, Nottingham General Supply Store, and the Nottingham Domestic Service. Nottingham taxes all citizens 50 cents every three months, or if the citizen is a minor, 2 dollars annually. An income tax will be placed on anyone who maintains a job at a government-owned business. Nottingham has a GDP of 125 dollars, gaining 25 dollars annually no matter how high the taxes are. Nottingham is voting on the above proposals at the December Parliament Session.

Culture and Cuisine

Nottinghamers are generally liberal and accepting. The common activity throughout Nottingham is either watching Horror movies and TV show or discussing politics or literature. The average job in Nottingham is Educator, but the common Nottingham job is Domestic Service Worker. Nottinghamers celebrate European and Texan cuisine, Nottinghamers love Tex-Mex, Italian Food, Chinese Food or Greek Food. The favorite movies in Nottingham are Scream, Donnie Darko and any Wes Anderson Movie. The most watched tv shows are Daria, Castle Rock, Doom Patrol, or South Park. Nottingham is pro LGBTQ+ rights and women's rights, as the President is gay.