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Genre Informational
Type Podcast
Created by Charles Ross
Nicholas Randouler
Violette Clingersmith
Hosted by Charles Ross
First episode 31 March 2020
of origin
Language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 8
Charles Ross
Running time 2 hours (Average)
Television Territory
Original channel YouTube Channel

MicroRamble is a bi-weekly YouTube podcast-style web series and media network primarily starring Charles Ross and formerly starring Thomas Bainbridge and Christina Nowell; having originally also starred Violette Clingersmith (aka Suzuki Leocer) until she left the show midway through season one, and Nicholas Randouler who served as a host from the first episode until his death in June 2020. The podcast features conversation about current events in the MicroWiki Sector and airs discussion pieces on topics of controversy throughout micronationalism. MicroRamble often invites on guests and contributors from varying parts of the community.


MicroRamble episodes are recorded on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis, although having multiple episodes a week (including shorts and misc.) are not unheard of. Most episodes of the series (and subsequent spin-offs) are produced by TVT with Charles Ross serving as the show's Executive Producer.

Former logo (Season One - early Season Two)


Since first airing, MicroRamble has generally been well received by the micronational community, accumulating the status of being one of the most watched news/commentary programs within MicroWiki and Discord sectors.


Some controversy has followed the show and (most notably) the Executive Producer, Charles Ross. This mostly stems from the show's coverage of the 2020 Morrisgate Scandal when long time micronationalist Daniel Morris was accused of inappropriate behavior towards minors and was subsequently expelled from the community.

During the scandal, Charles brought Daniel on to the show in an attempt to give him the chance to mount a pubic defense (a move not well received by other micronationalists, notably from within the Discord Sector); the attempt mostly failed for Morris, only further cementing the opinions of other micronationalists. However, Charles' demonstrated restraint and non-bias nature while conducting a public forum with Morris where members of the public were able to call in and voice their opinions, gained him some respect by micronationalists and otherwise boosted the awareness and viewership of the show within the community.

Following the interview though, the initial backlash of it caused founding host Violette Clingersmith to leave the show, sighting emotional issues stemming the episode. Following this, the episode with Daniel Morris was deleted from the MicroRamble YouTube channel and it was subsequently stricken from the official catalog of episodes.


Episodes are usually made live in an unscripted manner with some pre-discussion as to what the episode will be about. In addition to the host(s), guests are also often invited onto the show; these guests are either picked ahead of time or are people from the audience who "call" in. Additionally, the streams also host debates between guests regarding micronational topics.


Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Season 1 4 31 March 2020 4 August 2020
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Season 2 3 (4) 22 August 2020 25 September 2020
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Season 3 10 (planned) TBD TBD

Season One

Airing: 31 March 2020 - 4 August 2020
Season One was the test season, setting up the basics of what each podcast would talk about from current events to micronational governments. After episode two, original co-host Suzuki left the show stating personal and emotional reasons for her departure. Following this, Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall stepped in to take the vacant hosting spot for the remainder of the season. Additionally, midway through the season, co-host Nicholas Randouler passed away leaving Thomas and Charles to finish up the season early. Only one more episode in season one would be made following the death of Nicholas; bringing season one's total episodes to just four out of the planned ten.

No. in
Episode ID Title Guest(s) Topic(s) Original air date Runtime
1 1001 Pilot Brooklyn Hewitt Austenasia, Jonathan I, New Virginia, Dionisiy I 31 March 2020 1:51:22
2 1002 Wars, Coups, and Annexations Leon Montan
Anna Telford
Austenasian Civil War, Molossia-East German War, NWR Conflict, Micronational War Theory 6 April 2020 1:56:20
3 1003 Micronational Politics Patrick Renwick
William Wilson
Abeldane election, March 2020, Reichsversammlung, Kadelieort, Micronational government structure, Posaf-Green Party, Holy Roman Empire, Government in Hrafnarfjall, Gradonian election, March 2020 13 April 2020 1:49:05
- - Originally Micronational Organisations, later cancelled None Micronational organisations. The episode was later cancelled due to technical difficulties between the host and guests. 20 April 2020 1:17:25
4 1004 Micronational Organisations (YAMOs) Anthony I
Christina Nowell
Joe Bear
Corvin I
Sertor Valentinus
Micronational organisations 4 August 2020 2:10:00

Season Two

Airing: 22 August 2020 - 25 September 2020
Season Two was aired between August and September 2020 and aimed to more broadly cover micronationalists and all aspects of micronationalism. The season aimed to bring on experienced micronationalists as guests and interview leaders of prominent micronations about their histories within the community and opinions on different subjects of controversy within the community. On episode 2.2 Christina Nowell was named as a Co-Host. Due to conflicting host schedules and a growing inactivity among both staff and viewers alike, the season (much like the previous one) ended prematurely and the show would lay dormant for the next year.

No. in
Episode ID Title Guest(s) Topic(s) Original air date Runtime
1 2001 Historical Micronations Dionisiy Tezdzhan-Smahin, Otto Gillespie Birch Historically based micronations, simulationism vs micronationalism 22 August 2020 1:14:00
2.1 2002-1 Youth in Micronationalism Part 1 Christina Nowell, Matthew Hubbard, Justin Borg Mainstream coverage of micronationalism, Young people in micronationalism 11 September 2020 52:10
2.2 2002-2 Youth in Micronationalism Part 2 Matthew Hubbard, Justin Borg Advice for new micronationalists, Young people in micronationalism 12 September 2020 1:24:10
3 2003 Finance in Micronations No Guests The fundraising, donations, and ways that micronations make money 25 September 2020 1:02:45

Season Three

Season three is planned to air sometime during the closing two months of 2021. The season will be hosted solo by Charles Ross and plans to bring the show back to its original purpose, that being facilitating the discussion of micronationalism as well as providing a platform for micronationalists to debate and discuss with one another in a live, laidback format. Like the seasons before it, season three plans to include ten episodes scheduled to come out on Wednesdays or Thursdays. However, unlike the previous two seasons, season three is planned to come out with a new episode every week as opposed to the bi-weekly schedule used before.

MicroRamble Shorts

MicroRamble Shorts are a collection of short unscripted semi-episodes discussing breaking micronational headlines.

MicroRamble Misc.

Charles' podcast avatar

MicroRamble Misc. (also known as MicroMisc.) are commentary esque videos discussing non-micronational topics. Categories that are most discussed include politics, history, individual commentary and, social issues. These semi-episodes are created and hosted by Charles Ross; who uses an image of the Second Doctor from the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who as an avatar. Additionally, other micronational (and nonmicronational) productions are made by other MRN contributors, these also fall under the MicroRamble Misc. category.