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The Kadelieort

Posafian Parliament
Kadelieort III
Term limits
4 months (Renwable)
FoundedJanuary 4th, 2018
Jenna MacRonn, (NDP)
Commons Leader
Grace Konn, (NDP)
House of Lords political groups
HRH Government (3):
  •   NDP (1)
  •   Conservative (1)
  •   Liberal (1)
House of Commons political groups
HRH Government (5):

HRH Opposition (4)

The Speaker (1)

House of Lords voting system
House of Lords last election
May 12th, 2019
House of Lords next election
September 12th, 2019
Meeting place
House of Commons/Lords (Snapchat) House of Commons (Discord)

The Kadelieort, or more commonly known as the Posafian Parliament is the current ruling legislative body in Posaf. The Kadelieort is operated by the Posafian House of Commons and the Posafian House of Lords, thus making the Kadelieort bicameral. The members of Parliament (MP's) are elected by a first-past-the-post system in the House of Commons, while the House of Lords is chosen by Parliament.



House of Commons

The Posafian House of Commons is made up of 9 people, 5 from the Squamily Sector, 2 from the United Sector, and 2 from Foreign Sector, these Sectors are based on population and their location. The MP's they elect are chosen by the political parties they identify in to represent them for the people of the selected area. If they get elected they will be in the House of Commons for a six-month term, which is unlimited.

Members of Parliament have the power to propose new laws and debate old ones. The proposed laws are bills made by a person or persons in the House of Commons. When proposing a bill, to the legislature, or House of Lords they will need at least half of the House of Commons or five MP's to vote yes with them. When proposing a bill that would change the Posafian Constitution in a large way the person or persons proposing the bill would need seven people to vote yes to pass it on the House of Lords.

House of Lords

Current composition

House of Lords

MP Party State/Province Sector
Nicholas Randouler (HL) CP Squamily Squamily
Nicolás Millán LP Asiata Foreign
Jenna MacRonn NDP Squamily Squamily

House of Commons

MP Party State/Province Sector
Rose Danen CP Squamily Squamily
Nathan Michaeve CP Squamily Squamily
Emmy Smith CP Squamily Squamily
Andy Irons CP West Posaf United
Ivan Koslov CP Essex United
Abby Batalia LP Squamily Squamily
Ashley Jaax LP Nievenorte Foreign
Gracie Konn NDP Squamily Squamily
Tomáš Falešník NDP Nievenorte Foreign