Posafi Dollar Unit

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Posafi Dollar Unit
1 PDU Banknote
Official usersPosafgov.png Posaf
Quietrockflag.png Quietrock
Pegged toUSD 4
PluralPosafi Dollar
Sub-unitdoes not use
Central bankBank of Posaf
PrinterCity of Mae
MintCity of Mae

The Posafi Dollar Unit, simply known as the Posafi (code: PDU), is the official currency of the Principality of Posaf and other members of the Cincinnati Pact. One Posafi is exchangeable for one firewood log, or ¢25 in the USD

The symbol for the Posafi is a and the code for the Posafi is PDU, which stands for Posafi Dollar Unit.

¶1 and ¶5 Posafi Dollar bills