Orders, decorations, and medals of Posaf

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The Posafian honours system comprises of various titles, awards, and decorations which are bestowed by the Principality of Posaf. The system was established on January 1, 2019 ahead of Founders Day in Posaf. These honours can only be bestowed by the Monarchy of Posaf.

Orders of chivalry

Most Glorious Order of Prince Henry II

  • Monarchical Knight/Dame (MKP/MDP)
  • Grand Knight/Dame (GKP/GDP)
  • Knight/Dame of Honor (KHP/DHP)
  • Knight/Dame of Loyalty (KLP/DLP)
  • Knight Dame of Posaf (KPP/DPP)
  • Member (MPH)

Glorious Order of St. Bernadette

  • Grand Knight/Dame (GKB/GDB)
  • Knight/Dame of Virtue (KVB/DVB)
  • Knight/Dame of Protector (KPB/DPB)
  • Member (MSB)

Order of the Posafian Robin

  • Knight/Dame Protector (KPR)
  • Knight/Dame Commander (KCR)
  • Knight/Dame Officer (KOR)
  • Member (MPR)

Order of the Green Horse and Blue Lion

  • Grand Knight (KGB)
  • Grant Officer (OGB)
  • Member (MGB)

The Posafian Order

  • Knight (KPO)
  • Member (MPO)