Courtney Annalou

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Courtney Annalou
Higher Lord of Posaf
16 January 2020 – present
Predecessor Nicholas Randouler
Seat in House of Commons Posaf
voted in office
16 September 2018
Predecessor Nathan Michaeve
Successor Henry Rydina
Born USA
Birth name Courtney Annalou
Citizenship  United States,
Nationality Posafian
Political party Conservative
Residence Qucohe, Posaf
Religion Christian

Courtney Annalou is a Posafian politician and member of parliament. She is a founding member of the Conservative Party and first elected Monarch of Posaf. She was elected with a three vote lead over Henry Edwelo's five votes. She later resigned after breaking up with her partner Grant Roberave. She was elected Higher Lord in January 2020.