Courtney Annalou

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Courtney Annalou
Higher Lord of Posaf
16 January 2020 - Incumbent
Predecessor Nicholas Randouler
Seat in House of Commons Posaf
voted in office:
16 September 2018
Predecessor Nathan Michaeve
Successor Henry Rydina
Born USA
Birth name Courtney Annalou
Citizenship  United States,
Nationality Posafian
Political party Conservative
Residence Qucohe, Posaf
Religion Christian

Courtney Annalou is a Posafian politician and member of parliament. She is a founding member of the Conservative Party and first elected Monarch of Posaf. She was elected with a three vote lead over Henry Edwelo's five votes. She later resigned after breaking up with her partner Grant Roberave. She was elected Higher Lord in January 2020.