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This article lists notable national symbols of Posaf. Symbols listed are things which are emblematic, representative or otherwise characteristic of Posaf and the culture of the nation. Some of the symbols listed are established through the constitution and government, however, some are unofficial and of popular opinion and culture.


National Flag

Flag of Posaf
See adjacent text.
Flag of Posaf
Use National flag
Proportion 5:8
Adopted 6 January 2018
Design A horizontal biccolour, intersected by one vertical stripe of green in the middle
Designed by Grace Konn

The national flag of Posaf, adopted on 6 January 2018 and designed by Grace Konn, the flag has been nicknamed "the Pure Banner" or the "Squamily Forest". The blue upper banner represents a clear sky signifying a good future and the white lower banner represents a pure democratic base Posaf was founded on. The Green strip represents the forest areas Posaf was founded.

Administrative Region and City Flags

Other Flags

Coat of Arms and Enblems

National Animals

National Anthem

The national anthem of Posaf is A Pure Principality, written by the now Duke of Asiata, Nicolás Millán and Prince Nicholas I, and based on and to the tune of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. The only verse of the anthem was adopted on 9 February 2020 by National Anthem Bill of 2020[1]

The national anthem as currently sung is as follows:

Upon the lands of Ohio are hills and forests of green.
On blue creek beds we lay beneath cerulean skies so clean.
Sing glory to democracy, as Friends and Sqaumily!
A pure princapality for all of Posaf to see!

Food and Drink

Voss water is the national drink named in the constitution.
Chili is dubbed to be a national dish along with others. Chili is the most popular due to the influence of local restaurants and the city of Cincinnati.
2 For You is dubbed the national candy. It is very rare but liked amongst Squamilanians, found at a local market imported from Palestine.


A Posafian Sun, popular in Squamily. A Posafian Sun is a subtle way to see emotion and hope.

Monuments and geographical locations

Kimald River – A creek located in Indian Woods, Squamily that extends for 458 meters before entering into an unnamed waterfall. Indian Creek is a popular site to see in Posaf due to the easy access.
Lake Kimald – Lake Kimald is the largest lake inside Posaf located in Indian Woods, Squamily. The Lake gains water from the Forêtwald Creek, Etreheureux Creek. The lake is a very popular spot to meet other citizens and friends.
unnamed creek – unnamed creek discovered in March 2020 that feeds into the Kimald River.
Etreheurux Creek – The Etreheurux Creek is a creek along the border of Posaf and Verus and then between the border of Abelden and Posaf. When it reaches the Abelden-Posaf border it is also known as the Lesser Newtonshire Creek.
La Cliffs – Located in Indian Woods, Squamily, La Cliffs is a popular tourist attraction for Posafians and Americans through September and May. La Cliffs are a small clay plateau made by the Kimald River that reach an estimated 20 feet in height. Since discovery it has been a popular attraction due to the height of La Cliffs and the exposed clay walls with some overhangs. In December 2018 three Posafians and two Americans, all climbed the cliff.
Waterfall – The unnamed Waterfall is located in Indian Woods, Squamily. It is bigger than the first discovered Grand Falls in Turtle Creek County and has a swimming pond at the bottom. It is known for its scenic views and is along the path to La Cliffs.
Turtle Creek – Turtle Creek is located in Turtle County in Squamily. Turtle Creek is the largest water stream known located in Posaf. Posafian citizens have camped around the creek before. The image shown was widely popularized on the wiki for being the February 2020 featured picture.
Grand Falls – Located in Turtle County in Squamily, Grand Falls is the first National Park of Posaf administered by then, Prince Henry II. Grand Falls is known for its beauty within Posaf. The falls were first discovered in 2015 before Posaf was founded and is near the beginning of the Turtle Creek which flows from the capital, Turtle City. The picture shown was also the first known photograph of Posaf.