Kadelieort IV

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The Kadelieort

Parliament of Posaf
Kadelieort IV
Coat of arms or logo
FoundedJanuary 16th, 2018
Nicholas Randouler, CP
since September 16th, 2019
House of Lords political groups
HRH Lords Government (3):
  •   Conservative (1)
  •   Liberal (1)
  •   NDP (1)
House of Commons political groups
HRH Government (5):

Confidence and supply (1):

HRH Opposition (4)

MP Party State/Province Sector
Nicholas Randouler (HL) CP Squamily Squamily
Henry Edwelo LP Asiata Foreign
Jenna MacRonn NDP Squamily Squamily

House of Commons

MP Party State/Province Sector
Tomáš Falešník N Nievenorte Foreign
Gracie Konn N Squamily Squamily
Nour Shamon L Squamily Squamily
Ashley Jaax L Squamily Squamily
Courtney Annalou C Squamily Squamily
Rose Danen C Squamily Squamily
Andy Irons C West Posaf United
Nick Fisher C Essex United
Nathan Michaeve C Squamily Squamily
Parker O'Leary B Squamily Squamily