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  Province of Posaf  
Lake Kimald in Indian Woods County

Nickname(s): "The Posafian Fatherland"
Motto: "You and Me together"
Established 10 May 2018
Founder Lacie Mass, Prince Henry II
Province Posafgov.png Posaf
 - Premier Jenna MacRonn
 - Duke/Duchess Delana Jeari, Duchess of Squamily
Population (2019)
 - Total 31
Demonym Squamilanians (official)
Squadizen (unofficial)
Time zone UTC+5
ZIP code 50118

Squamily is a province in Posaf which is macronationaly located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Squamily province was first founded on the 10th of May 2018 after the four provinces of, Aug Monument, Indian Woods, Qucohe, Turtle Creek Land, and the territory of New Quietrock united to make a singular province. The united province has approved by the acting provisional government of Posaf.



Modern History

Squamily Assembly

Elected MP Party County
Henry Edwelo Posaf-Green Aug Monument
Jenna MacRonn NDP Indian Woods
Parker O'Leary Buck New Quietrock
Courtney Annalou Conservative Qucohe
Rose Danen Conservative St. Bernadette
Henry Rydina (P) Conservative Turtle Creek County
Lacie Mass Social Democrats OSCAA
Diä Jones-Woodard Posaf-Green OSCAA 2