Duchy of Fox Ridge

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Fox Ridge
Fox Ridge flag.png

Duchy of the Kingdom of Roskya
Founded15 April 2020
DukeAndreas Hudson

The Duchy of Fox Ridge (Polish:Księstwo Fox Ridge), colloquially known as Fox Ridge, is a duchy and the de facto capital of the Kingdom of Roskya. Located within the U.S state of Florida, the duchy was founded on 15 April 2020. Its incumbent Duke is Andreas Hudson.


Fox Ridge is named after a road that is immediately next to the duchy's claims.


Fox Ridge was formed on 15 April 2020, alongside the founding of Roskya.

Government and politics

Fox Ridge is ruled by a duke, the incumbent being Andreas Hudson.

Law and order

Like the other Roskyan duchy, the Duchy of Begelia, Fox Ridge de facto follows Roskyan law.