Elba Empire

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The Elba Empire
Elba flag.png
Elba coat of arms.png
Coat of Arms

"Loyalty brings justice"
To Elba our Loyalty
Capital cityLympstone
Largest cityLympstone
Official language(s)English and French
Official religion(s)Secular
Government Empire
- EmperorZachary I
EstablishedApril 25, 2020
Area claimed25 acres
CurrencyElben Credit
Time zoneEDT
National sportSkiing
National animalCoyote
Member State of the former Grand Micronation Alliance.

The Elba Empire (which can be shortened to Elba) is a sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation due to its small size, located in Canada with a modest population of 4 citizen's as most citizens we removed from the system when the nation removed all public citizens.[citation needed]

The ruler holds the title of Emperor, the current titleholder being Emperor Zachary I. The Emperor is the supreme office of government, supported by an Archduke and the Courts. The nation has representation and diplomatic ties with other MicroWiki Sector micronations, represented in the form of 4 diplomats.

The Emperor is also the founder of the Grand Micronation Alliance (GMA), the Emperor serves as the Supreme Secretary General for the Grand Micronation Alliance which is not to be confused with the Global Micronational Alliance.



The Elba Empire was founded on April 25th 2020 by Emperor Zachary I. Along with the founding of his nation was the founding of the capital city Lympstone. In the short time the nation has been around it has gained 12 citizens and the nation has 4 residents. The nation was struggling to get more members and keeping the discord server active.

Modern History

Around the 6th of May, President Isaiah Burdette of the Republic of Ernest had declared war on the Elban Empire, after a dispute where Elba refused to grant an embassy the nation[1]. Shortly after this event, Burdette had nuked the servers of the Grand Micronation Alliance and the Blition Autonomous Region, after manipulating Zachary over a supposed telephone bot[2].

Later on in the year, the Elba Empire declared the State Union of Ernest and Elba, unifying the two nations and granting both leaders equal power. The document was signed by Zachary I, Ian Sledgehockey, and President Iggy[3]. Shortly after a new proclamation was signed to incorporate the Republic of Daravied, establishing the State Union of Ernest-Daravied and Elba. This new document received the additional signature of Premier Johann Kümmel[4]. On July 16th, Elba pulled out of the State Union.[citation needed] And on January 14th the Republic of Salt was acquiesced by the Elba Empire.

Government and Politics


The Elban Military Force fought a war against the Ernestian Rebel Faction in May of 2020 alongside the loyalists and the Kingdom of Centralia.[citation needed]

Military Ensign of Elba

The Elban Military has a base located on the outskirts of Lympstone. The base has a shooting range and a running/biking trail and other things to keep soldiers strong.[citation needed]



The Elba Broadcasting Corporation, or EBC for short, is the official news source of Elba. The news network posts on their website when there is a story to report. EBC has two radio stations: EBC 1, which is a music station; and EBC 2, which is the news station. EBC also reports on the affairs of the Grand Micronation Alliance.

The EBC was formed out of what used to be the ENN, and the ENR[5].


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